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Industrial Water Process Systems

by Fluid Technologies International

FTI has broad global experience in designing, building and installing fluid proce. systems. We pride ourselves in our ability to monitor and control all fluid process systems v.te n we required.

stormBLOX - Membrane-Based Treatment Process

by Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies)

Each stormBLOX system is a complete, membrane-based treatment process designed to cost-effectively treat (manage) storm flows and reliably serve as emergency flow management in the event of biological process upsets. The stormBLOX technology is primarily intended to act as a secondary (side-stream) treatment train and to complement biological ...

Aquatech - Industrial Water Process Systems

by Aquatech International Corporation

Aquatech’s water treatment options consist of both customized and packaged treatment systems and products to give maximum flexibility and value in structuring industrial process water solutions. Running the gamut from raw water treatment and desalination to membrane systems and zero liquid discharge, Aquatech’s wide range of custom engineered ...

RIO Gila - Frac Water Disinfection System

by MIOX Corporation

750 ? 3,000+ lb/day MOS Frac-on-the-fly water disinfection! Providing residual disinfection down-hole where it counts most.

Purolite - SST65 - Cyclic Ion Exchange (CIX-RO) Process

by Purolite Corporation

Purolite CIX-RO patent pending ion exchange softening process for RO feedwater uses the reject from the RO to regenerate unique SSTion exchange resins, thereby increasing RO recovery with no net chemical addition. The Cyclic Ion Exchange (CIX-RO) process offers increased permeate recovery with resultant savings in water, power consumption, waste ...

Metrohm - ADI 2045TI Ex proof - Process Analyzer

by Metrohm AG

Multi Purpose Wet Chemical Analysis for hazardous environments Zone I or II. In hazardous environments, where concentrations of flammable gases, vapors or dust occur, it is vital that ins­truments be safe to operate and do not initiate an ex­plosion. For these environments Metrohm Applikon has developed the third generation of wet chemical ...

Frac-Cleanse™ - Frac Water Recycling System

by BISCO Environmental Neep Systems

The treatment system is an advanced oxidation process (AO) which removes TPH, bacteria, emulsified and dissolved organics including oil and gelling agents plus H2S, suspended solids, VOCs, plus metals including iron, barium, manganese, and transition metals – in one compact unit. Units to 10,000 BPD are available. The key features of the ...

Purolite - S910 - Selective Removal of Heavy Metals From Waste Waters and Hydrometallurgical Processes

by Purolite Corporation

Purolite S910 is an amidoxime chelating resin, designed for the removal of cations of metals such as copper and iron from water or other solvent even at relatively low pH. It can also be used for the recovery of traces of precious metals from dilute solutions. It cannot be used for removal of alkaline earth metals.

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