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SnowPure - Model Zapwater™ - High Purity Laboratory Electrodeionization (EDI) Modules

by SnowPure Water Technologies     based in San Clemente, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Electropure EDI technology has now been brought down in size. Zapwater™ Electrodeionization (EDI) Modules are designed for small countertop or wall-mount laboratory water deionization products, which produce ASTM Type I & II, or JIS A2 to A4 water.

Eco-Tec Recoflo - Model Triflo - Ion Exchange Demineralizer

by Eco-Tec Inc.     based in Pickering, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Achieve ultra pure water and eliminate the need for a mixed bed polisher or an electrodemineralization system. Eco-Tec's Recoflo£ TriFlo™ Demineralizer offers proven efficiency, reduced waste generation, and low operating costs.

Eco-Tec Recoflo - Ion Exchange Demineralization

by Eco-Tec Inc.     based in Pickering, ONTARIO (CANADA)

High Purity Water without the Need for a Mixed Bed Polisher. In many cases, Eco-Tec’s Demineralizers are able to produce water with a conductivity as low as 0.1 microseimens/cm with less than 0.010 mg/L of silica using only the cation and anion beds. This high level of performance is made possible by the rapid and efficient exchange kinetics ...

BioPure - Model LSX - High Efficiency USP High Purity Water System

by Mar Cor Purification (MCP)     based in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Mar Cor Purification offers the next generation USP high purity water system, the BioPure LSX. The base system is a compact centralized single pass hot water sanitizable RO-EDI system designed to produce USP purified water grade. The BioPure LSX system has been designed to minimize energy consumption, while the automated heat sanitization process ...

Lufran Fluoropolymer Water Heaters

by Process Technology     based in Mentor, OHIO (USA)

One of the most popular high purity water heaters in the world. Proven technology for UPDI heating applications and suitable for the most stringent high purity specifications. Constructed with all PTFE and PVDF wetted parts. Patented 'purged' resistive element design offers exceptional MTBF of ten years. Third party certified to SEMI and UL ...

Model H2 NM Plus - High Purity Hydrogen Generator

by LNI Schmidlin SA     based in Chatelaine-Geneva, SWITZERLAND

The NM-Plus employ the newest PEM membrane technology available for electrolytic production of pure hydrogen, including exclusive no-maintenance PSA auto-drying technology and cascading capabilities. Only pure water, distilled or deionized, is required to provide trouble free long-term operation. The small contained volume (

Eco-Tec Recoflo - Ion Exchange Water Softeners

by Eco-Tec Inc.     based in Pickering, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Recoflo Water Softeners outperform conventional systems, reduce operating costs up to 40%, use less brine and water for regeneration and deliver less than 0.1 mg/L total hardness. Lower regenerant use means less waste is generated and the compact design makes it ideal for retrofit applications. The shorter cycle times eliminates biological fouling ...

Eco-Tec Spectrum - Spectrum Filter

by Eco-Tec Inc.     based in Pickering, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The Spectrum Filter™ is able to achieve its high level of performance by using two particulate media layers and a patented backwash process. An upper layer of coarse media allows for an extended service cycle by providing depth filtration of large particles while a lower layer of very dense micro media provides surface filtration of smaller ...

Model 16000 LPH - Ultrapure Water System

by GZ QWell Environment Protection Technology Co., Ltd.     based in Guangzhou, CHINA

EDI water treatment equipment (ultra-pure water equipment, EDI). Preparation of ultra-pure water as an EDI device, as the second reverse osmosis desalination equipment device, the system can remove up to 10-18.2MΩ.CM. It is widely used in microelectronics industry, semiconductor industry, power generation industry, pharmaceutical industry ...

Yamada - Model DP-5 Series - High-Purity Pumps

by Yamada America, Inc.     based in Arlington Heights, ILLINOIS (USA)

1/4' NPT or 3/8' Flaretek liquid connections. Maximum flow up to 3.25 gal/min. Internal silencer. End-user maintainable. Self-priming. Field-proven design. Clean room manufactured, DI water tested,. nitrogen purged, and double bagged. Flat check valves standard.

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