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Zapwater™ - High Purity Laboratory Electrodeionization (EDI) Modules

by SnowPure Water Technologies

Electropure EDI technology has now been brought down in size. Zapwater™ Electrodeionization (EDI) Modules are designed for small countertop or wall-mount laboratory water deionization products, which produce ASTM Type I & II, or JIS A2 to A4 water.


by Calgon Carbon Corporation

Solvent recovery, escape masks, high purity filtration, air purification/conditioning, water filtration and purification

MEGA FEDI - MEGA Fractional Electrodeionization

by QUA Group

FEDI stacks are designed to produce high purity water up to 18 MQ.m using a patented process with double sets of electrodes per stack. FEDI® replaces mixed bed technology and produces pure water continuously without the use of regeneration chemicals. Applications include the semiconductor, power, food & beverage and pharmaceutical ...

IC Controls - Model 402 - High-Purity Conductivity Sensor

by IC Controls

For Reliable Conductivity Measurement; High purity water (10 microsiemens/cm to below 1 microsiemens/cm). Hot pressurized samples. 0 to 1 and 0 to 2 microsiemens/cm ranges.

pH and Redox Sensors

by Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

Monitoring of pH and redox (ORP) is important in many different industrial processes to reduce cost and optimize yield. The requirements of various industry processes are different. For example, in chemical processes sensors must withstand acids or caustic solutions at high temperatures. The electrodes may also require be certification for use in ...

UltraClean - UCW3900 - Mixed Bed Resin for High Purity Water

by Purolite Corporation

Basic Features: Application - Mixed Bed resin for high purity water, Polymer Structure - Gel polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene, Appearance - Spherical Beads, Functional Group - Sulfonic Acid and Type 1 Quaternary Ammonium, Ionic Form as Shipped - H+ / OH-

Eco-Tec Recoflo - Ion Exchange Water Softeners

by Eco-Tec Inc.

Recoflo Water Softeners outperform conventional systems, reduce operating costs up to 40%, use less brine and water for regeneration and deliver less than 0.1 mg/L total hardness. Lower regenerant use means less waste is generated and the compact design makes it ideal for retrofit applications. The shorter cycle times eliminates biological fouling ...

Purolite - A847C - Water Treatment - Low Rinse Volumes; High Purity; High Flow Rate

by Purolite Corporation

Purolite A847C is a unique weak base resin, with a gel acrylic divinylbenzene matrix and tertiary amine functionality. The special properties are associated with the extremely low rinse requirement after regeneration with caustic soda together with an increase in useful operating capacity of up to 10% over similar resins Purolite A847C shows ...

Purolite - NRW3670 - High Purity Condensate Polishing, Reactor water clean-up

by Purolite Corporation

The nuclear grade mixed bed resin Purolite NRW3670 is an equivalent mix of high capacity gel cation and non-porous high capacity gel anion resins specifically prepared for use in high purity systems within nuclear power operations. This product is designed for non-regenerable applications. Purolite nuclear grade resins meet standards specified for ...

SWAN - AMI Sodium A - Analyzer for Steam, Condensate and High Purity Water

by SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG

Sodium analyzer for steam, condensate and high purity water in the range 0.1 - 10'000 ppb. For acidic samples with low pH ≥ 2 (e.g. sampling after cation exchangers). Active alkalization reagent addition system for diisopropylamine with continuous pH monitoring. Simple two-point calibration with storage of calibration history. Easy to use grab ...

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