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Hanna Instruments - Reagents

by DelAgua Group

Reagents for use in Hanna photometers. Product ranges between Alkalinity and Zinc. Most packets sold in packs of 100, but packs of 300 available.Please browse our website or contact us with your requirements.

Lovibond Tintometer - Reagents

by DelAgua Group

Reagents available for Checkit Comparators, Test Kits and all photometric equipment.Parameters range from Alkalinity to Zinc and in variety of pack sizes.Please browse our website or contact us with your requirements.


by Waters Corporation

Your choice of mobile phases, solvents and additives can have a significant impact on your chromatographic and spectrophotometric results. That is why Waters provides standards kits and ready-to-use reagents that are prepared using the highest quality materials for all your critical analyses. If you have any questions, our chemists can help match ...

Palintest - Photometer Liquid Reagents

by Palintest Ltd - a Halma Company

Liquid reagent formats are perfect for users undertaking high volumes of testing due to speed of use and minimal handling.

Palintest - Photometer Tablet Reagents

by Palintest Ltd - a Halma Company

Based on the original Palin System, tablet reagents are favoured by many users due to the simplified test protocols, ease of handling and long stability. Used with the range of Palintest multiparameter and Compact instruments, plus the 9100 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, photometer tablet reagents provide an ideal format for the testing of drinking ...

Palintest - Soil Testing Reagents

by Palintest Ltd - a Halma Company

Soil photometer reagents are designed to be stable, easy-to-use and simplify soil testing procedures for all.

Tubetests - COD - Reagents Including Chemical Oxygen Demand

by Palintest Ltd - a Halma Company

For ultimate convenience, the Palintest range of Tubetests offers pre-dispensed reagents for minimal handling and ease-of-use. For applications such as Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), nutrients (ammonia, nitrate and phosphate) and heavy metals (chrome, copper, iron, nickel and zinc) the Tubetests range provides the solution – literally.

Palintest - Residual Chlorine Reagent DPD No. 1

by DelAgua Group

DPD No. 1 reagent for use in photometry. Ideal for the Palintest 7100 portable photometer. Pack of 200 tests.

Hach Lange - Hardness (Ca and Mg) Reagent Set

by DelAgua Group

Total Hardness (Calcium and Magnesium) reagent set, made up of the following reagents: 2241732 Alkali Solution; MDB - 100ml 2241832 cCalcium/Magnesium Indicator solution; MDB - 100ml 2241926 EDTA Solution; SCDB - 50ml 2229726 EGTA solution; SCDB - 50ml Measuring range 0.0 - 4.0 mg/l.

Hach Lange - Hach Lange Indicator Powder Pillows (Reagents)

by DelAgua Group

Hach Lange Powder Pillows for use in Hach Lange photometric equipment (DR800 series, DR2800 spectrophotometers..)All parameters available, from Alkalinity to Zinc.Please contact us with your requirements.

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