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Membrane Filtration / Reverse Osmosis

by Hoffland Environmental, Inc.

If your water treatment requirements require high quality water with a minimum of chemical manipulation then a HEI Reverse Osmosis system may be just what the doctor ordered!

RoCide - Model DB5 - Reverse Osmosis Membrane Biocide Chemical

by Avista Technologies (UK) Ltd

RoCide DB5 is a fast acting, non-oxidizing biocide based on a 5% solution of the active ingredient DBNPA (Dibromo nitrilo propionamide). This formulation has almost instantaneous antimicrobial activity combined with rapid chemical breakdown resulting in one of the most cost-effective methods of contamination elimination.RoCide DB5 has outstanding ...

S.K Euromarket - Membrane Filtration - Reverse Osmosis System

by S.K. Euromarket Ltd

For applications where a very high quality effluent is required, membrane filtration is the most appropriate technology utilized. Euromarket's membrane filtration systems range from microfiltration to reverse osmosis (RO) and are custom-made to serve big industrial or commercial applications for: Purification of brackish water, Desalination of sea ...

DOW FILMTEC - Model TW30-3012-500 - Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membranes

by Dow Water & Process Solutions

DOW FILMTEC reverse osmosis (RO) membranes for home drinking water treatment units are some of the most reliable and consistent elements in the industry. Utilizing advanced membrane technology, the new DOW FILMTEC 500 GPD Element offers exceptional balance of flow and high rejection.

Reverse Osmosis

by Esmil Process Systems Ltd

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a separation process that uses pressure to force a solvent through a membrane. Impurities in the solvent are excluded, whilst pure solvent passes through the membrane. More formally, it is the process of forcing a solvent from a region of high solute concentration through a membrane to a region of low solute concentration ...

Reverse Osmosis

by AquaSwiss AG

Our unique differentiation is the Pressure & Energy Centre designs, delivering very low energy consumption large scale seawater RO plants. AquaSwiss AG Seawater Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants are used for treating a wide variety of water compositions. AquaSwiss AG RO plants combine accumulated knowledge and experience of hundreds of years. ...

M&S - Reverse Osmosis Systems

by M&S Water Services Limited

Reverse Osmosis is a process that is used to remove a wide range of salts to give water of a high purity. Osmosis is a natural process involving fluid flow across a semi-permeable membrane barrier which can then be reversed thus allowing water containing a high level of natural salts to be purified without the need for chemical regenerants.

Convergence Inspector - Model RO - Reverse Osmosis

by Convergence Beheer B.V.

The Convergence Inspector Reverse Osmosis is almost identical to the UF version, with the difference that it is suited for high pressure (125 bar). The installation works with any (third party) spiral wound (1-4 inch) module, flat cell or hollow fiber module. The Convergence Inspector for Reverse Osmosis is a fully customized fluid system that is ...

Hydranautics - Model CPA Series - CPA5-LD 8040 - Low Fouling RO Membrane

by Genesis Water Technologies, Inc

Hydranautics Commercial CPA5-LD Series Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements are high quality, dependable, and high performance membranes.

Model EEC - Desal Reverse Osmosis Desalinators

by EEC Global Operation LLC

The EEC Desal Reverse Osmosis Desalinators utilizes the latest in reverse osmosis membrane technology to convert Seawater, Brackish water, or non–potable water into drinking water. All plants are customized to clients specific need to secure reliable equipment and safe drinking water.

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