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Ankersmid Sampling - Model ASP100 - Gas Sampling Probe

by AquaGas Pty Ltd     based in CURRUMBIN, AUSTRALIA

The ASP100 is a cost effective version and is auto regulated to a fixed temperature (180C) perfectly suited to standard Emissions and process gases monitoring applications

Ankersmid Sampling - Model ACC400 - Gas Conditioning System

by AquaGas Pty Ltd     based in CURRUMBIN, AUSTRALIA

The ACC400 design enables up to 4 heat exchangers and peristaltic pumps to be installed either at the factory, or at a later time, without any problem. The exchangers and pumps can be connected in series or parallel depending on customer requirements. An electronic system not only monitors the dew point, but also the ambient temperature. Extremely ...

Ankersmid Sampling - Model ASP320 - Gas Sampling Probe ASP320

by AquaGas Pty Ltd     based in CURRUMBIN, AUSTRALIA

The ASP320 DeNOX is specifically engineered for continuous sampling of emissions or process gases at SCR DeNOx gas treatment processes where NH3 is added to the flue gas in order to reduce the NOX content. This new sampling technique has also proved to be suitable for processes with very high pollutant concentrations. In these applications, the ...

Ankersmid Sampling - Model ASP600 - Gas Sampling Probe ASP600

by AquaGas Pty Ltd     based in CURRUMBIN, AUSTRALIA

For installation in explosive areas, The ATEX certified ASP611 offers the same range of features as the ASP300 plus Explosive rated site specific options. The probe temperature with Exd-temperature sensor type Pt100 is controlled by an ATEX-certified controller-limiter unit with temperature alarm. The probe is delivered with valid ...

Ankersmid Sampling - Model ASP300 - Gas Sampling Probe ASP300

by AquaGas Pty Ltd     based in CURRUMBIN, AUSTRALIA

The ASP300 temperature controlled versions (user adjustable up to 320°C) is available in three different lengths and is designed to provide reliability in applications with high acid gases concentration, heavy dust load, and harsh installation environment. The ASP300 provide the choice of different lengths of filter element for three levels of ...

Ankersmid Sampling - Model APS - Portable Gas Sampling System

by AquaGas Pty Ltd     based in CURRUMBIN, AUSTRALIA

The APS portable sampling system is designed so that detailed gas analysis can be carried out at any time in any place. The entire sampling system is housed in a compact and robust carrying case which ensures safe transport and easy set-up. All the components can be easily accessed for inspection or routine maintenance. The APS concept allows you ...

Ankersmid Sampling - Model APC1400 - Gas Conditioning System APC1400

by AquaGas Pty Ltd     based in CURRUMBIN, AUSTRALIA

The APC series’ electronically controlled Peltier cooler incorporates a unique design of demountable heat exchangers housed in a robust and compact stainless steel enclosure suited to stationary application with limited space and mobile laboratories. This unique microprocessor controlled Peltier Cooler has been designed with a powerful dew point ...

Ankersmid Sampling - Model ASS313 - Stationary Gas Sampling System ASS313

by AquaGas Pty Ltd     based in CURRUMBIN, AUSTRALIA

The ASS stationary sampling system is suitable for variable, discontinuous, and continuous operations. The entire gas sampling system is mounted on a plate for easy installation into a rack, cabinet, or mounted on a wall. The ASS has automated sampling features based on the system status and work in combination with the equipment installed ...

Ankersmid Sampling - Model ADS - CEMS Control Unit ADS

by AquaGas Pty Ltd     based in CURRUMBIN, AUSTRALIA

The ADS sampling system is a digital gas conditioning system integrated around a PLC with touch screen providing a comprehensive desktop with separate pop-up menus to check and control all parts of the conditioning system as well as external CEMS components. The PLC can be programmed to handle standard and application specific CEMS requirements ...

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