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OVT - Soil Headspace Sampling Container

by OVT Environmental Products

The OVT container is a biodegradable and disposable volumetric soil sampling device. It is an innovative tool to aid in the preliminary testing of media/soils that have been impacted by a wide variety of volatile organic contaminants of concern (COC’s). The OVT container has been granted a USPTO patent (#US 8,156,786 B2) and has been ...

Narrow-Necked Bottles For Universal Use

by Bürkle GmbH

Universal bottles for storing, packing, lab, taking samples, sampling and transport of liquids.

Saran - Film / Gas Sampling Bags

by Analytical Specialties, Inc.

Saran Gas Sampling Bags. Chemically inert, Disposable and Inexpensive. Collect, Transport, and Store Gas Samples. Collect expired Breath Samples for Lab analysis. Transfer gas from pressurized containers for use at atmospheric pressure. Shipment of Non-Toxic Gas Samples. Preparation of Gas Mixtures. Tube fitting TN6 (standard) sealed in edge of ...

Tin Sample Canisters

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.

Deep drawn plain tin with tight-fitting cover that fits bottom to keep canister and cover together. Conforms to ASTM specifications as containers for testing the penetration of semi-solid and solid bituminous materials.

Sample Collection Wand – Spike

by Syft Technologies Ltd

An extended hand-held sample inlet with wedged end to penetrate shipping container door seals for easy sampling of internal spaces. Allows penetration past rubberized door seals, and internal sampling of shipping containers without opening containers. Can be used as an extension directly from a Voice200 instrument, or can be attached to a sample ...

Standard Sampling Device


The Sampling Device Standard consists of a vacuum container, which is evacuated by a vacuum pump. The sampling point and the standard sampler are connected by a probe. Due to the evacuation in the sampling device, the sample bag, which lies inside it, sucks in sample air via the probe. As this happens, none of its components comes into contact ...

Undisturbed Soil Sampling: Liner Sampler Set

by Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment

With these sets undisturbed soil samples can be taken in a liner applying a stainless steel core sampler with sample tubes and cutting head. In soft soils the sampler is pressed into the soil, possibly using the push-/pull handle. In hard soils the sampler tube can be driven into the soil using the hammer with two nylon heads (shock-absorbing) or ...

Model 30 Minutes - Continous Sampling Device


The continuous sampling device consists of a vacuum container the interior of which is exhausted by an integrated compressor. The location of the sampling point and the sampling device are connected by a probe. Exhausting the interior of the sampling device causes the inside sample bag to fill with sample air via the probe. There is a calibrated ...

ASM/Sentry Automatic Sampling Module

by N-Con Systems Company, Inc.

The ASM/Sentry was designed be flexible. It can be used as a portable or fixed location,  wastewater sampler. Composite may be collected simple time or flow proportioned by connecting it to a suitable flow measurement system. or simple composite sample. The addition of  an ice chest or refrigerator to preserve the composite sample, gives ...

Mini Rosette - Model M1018 Series - Water Sampling Systems

by General Oceanics Inc.

This small light weight, compact Rosette Water Sampling System, which is shown with Idronaut Ocean Seven Probe, can be used on a conducting cable, or can be pre programmed to trip based on time, temperature, pressure or other sensor, without the need for conducting cable. Its small compact size allows operation from a small boat without special ...

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