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Defender - Screw Screen Compactor

by Toro Equipment S.L.     based in La Cistérniga, SPAIN

The Toro Equipment channel sieve is a piece of equipment that incorporates several functions. Sieving, washing, pressing and transport of the rough-filtered waste. The channel sieve incorporates a waste press.

Model H&G Series - Screw Compactors

by Europress Group Oy     based in Kerava, FINLAND

Europress represents German H&G – Screw compactors. A screw compactor is an excellent choice when dealing with large amounts of cardboard or if they are thick. A screw compactor is externally the same sizes as a normal compactor, so it’s placement is not a problem even in constricted spaces. We have two size options in our ...

HABA - Screw Compactors

by HABA Group Oy     based in Tampere, FINLAND

Screw compactors are designed for wet organic waste or other waste. Liquid Tight presses can be equipped with floor heating (anti-freeze), and odor control equipment. If necessary, the clamps are tailored to the specific needs of the client. Standard sizes of 11, 16 and 20 m3.

Model SK120 - Screw Compactor

by RUNI A/S     based in Tarm, DENMARK

The RUNI SK120 is the perfect solution for environmentally conscious supermarkets, electronics and appliance retailers, fish companies and other companies who want to minimise their waste costs. It is a small compactor for companies with limited, but continuous, quantities of EPS which can be managed by feeding manually. With dimensions of only ...

RUNI - Model SK370 - Screw Compactor

by RUNI A/S     based in Tarm, DENMARK

The SK370 Screw Compactor is the big, heavy duty, versatile machine which compacts a large variety of different materials, including difficult jobs where other machines have to give up. The RUNI SK370 can be fitted with a large range of accessories: various feed hoppers for manual or automatic feeding, conveyor belts, silo systems, a drainage ...

Ecopolymer - Model KDM-70 - Screw Compactor

by Ecopolymer     based in Kharkiv, UKRAINE

The main advantages: money saving by reducing storage space; compact design and easy-to-operate control; possibility to sell compacted waste. Compactor KDM-70 is an ideal solution for shopping centers, supermarkets, appliance shops and electronic stores, small fish processing companies and companies, which want to minimize their waste recycling ...

Ecopolymer - Model KDM-360 - Screw Compactor

by Ecopolymer     based in Kharkiv, UKRAINE

Technical features of the KDM-360: Capacity per hour: 200 kg. Density of a block: 300 kg/m3. Dimensions of a block: 380*380 mm.

RUNI - Model SK240 - Screw Compactor

by RUNI A/S     based in Tarm, DENMARK

The SK240 Screw Compactor compacts various materials, e.g. EPS fish boxes and packaging in the ratio 50:1. This achieves a density of about 270 kg/m³. The RUNI SK240 can be fitted with either a 45o hopper or a vertical hopper, depending on the requirement. The machine shown here is fitted with a feed hopper designed for manual feeding of fish ...

RUNI - Model SK240 PET - Screw Compactor

by RUNI A/S     based in Tarm, DENMARK

Compacting and de-watering PET bottles at a ratio of app. 8:1. Maximum size: 500 ml. Ensure 100%product destruction so no one is carrying off product for re-sale or consumption. Save space and handling by compacting the PET bottles early in the process. Save costs on number of hauls when selling this valuable recyclable material

Ecopolymer - Model KDM-240 - Screw Compactor

by Ecopolymer     based in Kharkiv, UKRAINE

The KDM-240 compacts different types of waste, for example, EPS packaging for household appliances in the ratio of 50:1, density at the output is approximately 300 kg/m3. Waste is loaded into a hopper, where it is previously shredded by a two-rotor shredder. Shredding and compacting of materials is then carried out by the screw and tailored ...

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