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SBS Sediment Sampler Kit

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.

Use this manually-driven, end-filling sampler for discrete interval sediment sampling in rivers, lakes, wetlands, and estuaries. To obtain a sample, the sampler is lowered to the surface as a dual tube or driven down to the desired depth where sampling is to begin below the surface. Upon reaching the desired sampling depth, the inner rods attached ...

Integrating Sediment Sampler

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.

Small, lightweight, cast aluminum sampler is designed to obtain sediment samples in shallow water with a wading rod. An exhaust tube is cast into the body of depth integrating-type sampler and allows air in one-pint sampler bottle to escape down stream as it is displaced by the accumulating sample. Includes two 1/4ý sampler nozzles, one 1´ wading ...

KC - Sediment Core Sampler

by KC-Denmark A/S

Model A: The sample tube (2) is a 50 cm long acrylic tube, screwed into a POM house (1) with a built-in silicone contra flap. The shaft (8) is 4 metres (2 x 2 metres), and the tube is made from stainless steel with solid assembly fittings (9), which results in a lightweight but strong construction. The sampled sediment core is visible through the ...

KC - Kajak Sediment Core Sampler

by KC-Denmark A/S

Adapter for Ø80 mm tubes. (Optional). Will fit on all models with quick change, (13.030) A model with 2 tubes are available. The KC Kajak Sediment Core sampler is based on the Kajak design and can be used as line operated as well as hand operated sampler. With a wide range of accessories the system can be adjusted for various projects.

AMS Complete Sediment Sampler

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.

Uses a disposable plastic core catcher that fits on the end of a 2˝ x 12˝ plastic liner. The technically enhanced core tip is specifically designed allowing the plastic core catcher and liner to fit snugly over the core tip's machined lip which holds the liner and core catcher in place during sampling, reducing side-to-side float. Once ...

Undisturbed Sediment Sampling: Multisampler

by Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment

The multisampler has been developed originally for sampling of wet, solid as well as fluid material. The standard set is suitable for sampling up to a depth of 5 meter. The materials used for the multisampler are stainless steel, NBR- rubber (the piston) and transparent acrylic plastic (sampling tube).

Semi Disturbed Sediment Sampling: Peat sampler

by Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment

For taking semi disturbed samples in more or less swampy peat soils or in wet flabby and very soft (under water) mineral soils a number of special samplers have been included in the program.

Wildco Hand Core Sediment Sampler

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.

Handle allows use in shallow water or by divers. Attach line to Clevis when taking deeper samples. Clevis is removable to attach extension handle for sampling from a pontoon boat, dock, or bridge. Simple, automatic valve for good seal. #304 Stainless steel core tube is 2' in dia. and 20'L. Sampler includes screw-on Lexan™ nose piece, a plastic ...

Undisturbed Sediment Sampling: type Beeker

by Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment

The submerged soil appeared to be an easy and invisible dumping place for chemical waste. In case of taking samples from submerged soils it is a problem that the final sample usually is not a good representation of the real stratification of the soil. Applying the equipment described here it is, however possible to take samples in which the ...

Lindorm - Nilsson Depth-integrating Water Sampler

by Lindorm, Inc.

This depth-integrating sediment sampler was developed in 1969 for a UN initiative known as IHD, now continued as IHP. The sampler was adopted by the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI), and many other research institutions abroad.

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