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Grundfos - Sewage Grinder Pumps (SEG)

by Grundfos Pumps Corporation     based in Bjerringbro, DENMARK

The SEG range of grinder pumps from Grundfos is specifically designed for pumping effluent and untreated sewage in small communities or sparsely populated areas with no sewer systems or where gravitation systems are unsuitable. Pressurised systems are the perfect choice for transfer of effluent and sewage, and the SEG range combines ...

Sewage Treatment Plants

by H2O Inc. and H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V.     based in Lafayette, LOUISIANA (USA)

Our marine sanitation devices deliver reliable, proven performance that meets or exceeds industry standards. Manufactured for decades of dependable service, H2O’s systems require little maintenance and are easily installed in any area. These self-controlled units deliver a tough, reliable solution to sewage treatment for crews of 2 to 500.

Gravity Sewers

by Flovac     based in Venray-Oostrum, NETHERLANDS

Usually communities have been left un-sewered because the area is too difficult or expensive to install a gravity sewer. Gravity sewers have been used for hundreds of years but moves to improve health and safety of operators, reduce power and water use and reduce environmental damage has led to a movement away from their use.

Sewer System Rehabilitation Bottleneck

by CCI Spectrum, Inc.     based in Jacksonville, FLORIDA (USA)

The European sewerage system is rather outdated. In a large part of the over 500,000 km long German network, there is a significant need for rehabilitation. Primarily cities and communities, whose duties include waste water removal and where public sewers are often the largest job for their invested capital, are responsible for this. The ...

BioKube - Model BioMax - Transportable Sewage Treatment Plant - Biocontainer System

by BioKube A/S     based in Tappernoje, DENMARK

BioContainer Systems are containerized Sewage Treatment Plants, most commonly used for treating waste water at camps, oil rig sites & remote locations. BioContainer comes in different versions of integration of cleanings steps, transportability and capacity. The systems are typically installed above ground for non-permanent installations.

Vacuum Sewerage

by QUA-VAC BV     based in Almere, NETHERLANDS

Vacuflow is the trade name for a method for the continues piped disposal of sewage, utilizing the energy of atmospheric pressure by creating a vacuum in the piping system(a vacuum sewage system).For rural or seaside areas with circumstances as hilly or flat terrain (high water table) it means that the natural fall on which gravity systems ...

Flovac - Deployable Sewerage Systems

by Flovac     based in Venray-Oostrum, NETHERLANDS

Temporary Camps, whether emergency, workers accommodation, mining, military or refugee need to transport sewage from ablution blocks, kitchens and laundries. Installation of pipework can be time consuming, expensive and be damaging to the environment. Flovac’s deployable vacuum system can be deployed to site and established within 24 hours. ...

Jones+Attwood - Sewage Grit Handling Pump

by Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies)     based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA)

The Jones+Attwood specialised sewage grit handling pump has a range of duties, all of which will satisfy the majority of grit pumping requirements associated with grit and grit/solids in raw sewage. The pump is manufactured from high grade cast iron for long asset life, and a high quality mechanical seal protects the motor; a range of standard ...

Vacuum Sewers

by Flovac     based in Venray-Oostrum, NETHERLANDS

Enter the 21st century. Typically vacuum systems are found in area’s where it has been too hard to install a gravity sewer. Today you can also see them being used to supplement overburdened gravity sewers in fast growing towns and cities, or in area’s which succumb regularly to earthquakes, typhoons and hurricanes. They won’t be ...

Grinder Pump or Low Pressure Sewer Systems

by Flovac     based in Venray-Oostrum, NETHERLANDS

Grinder Pumps can be an ideal solution for small communities of under 100 houses especially when located in hilly areas where large housing blocks are spaced apart. Pumps can quite often be used in combination with vacuum or gravity schemes when wanting to attach small outlying communities or houses to a municipal scheme.

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