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Integral pH1 Range - Model DN 80 to 2000 - Gravity and Pressure Sewers

by Saint-Gobain PAM     based in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Pipes and fittings for highly aggressive effluents (low pH).

Model DN 80 to 2000 - Integral Range Domestic Wastewater

by Saint-Gobain PAM     based in PONT-A-MOUSSON, FRANCE

Gravity flow system and rising main. Transport of effluents (pH 4 to 12) from the homes to the treatment station: ductile cast iron pipes and a complete range of fittings and accessories especially designed for gravity and rising main sewerage systems, full compliance with standard EN 598, diameters 80 to 2000.

Sewer System Rehabilitation Bottleneck

by CCI Spectrum, Inc.     based in Jacksonville, FLORIDA (USA)

The European sewerage system is rather outdated. In a large part of the over 500,000 km long German network, there is a significant need for rehabilitation. Primarily cities and communities, whose duties include waste water removal and where public sewers are often the largest job for their invested capital, are responsible for this. The ...

Vacuum Sewerage

by QUA-VAC BV     based in Almere, NETHERLANDS

Vacuflow is the trade name for a method for the continues piped disposal of sewage, utilizing the energy of atmospheric pressure by creating a vacuum in the piping system(a vacuum sewage system).For rural or seaside areas with circumstances as hilly or flat terrain (high water table) it means that the natural fall on which gravity systems ...

Mighty Mike - U&F-BOOST! Sewage Treatment Tablets

by Bio-Microbics, Inc.     based in Shawnee, KANSAS (USA)

Mighty Mike U&F-BOOST! (Billion Onsite Organisms Sewage Treatment) Tablets can simply be flushed down the toilet or tossed into a troubled area. If desired, tablets can also be crushed and poured down a drain. The Mighty Mike U&F-BOOST! Tablets utilizes a special formulation over 25 billion active, robust class 1 organisms per gram ...

Model TFH - Pressure Sand Filter

by Tech Universal (UK) Ltd     based in Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM

Tech Universal (UK) Ltd. supplies different types of filter used for industrial and potable water supply. The filter are being used in potable and advance wastewater treatment plant and other industries.

Techsorb – Odor Control Unit

by Tech Universal (UK) Ltd     based in Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM

Purpose: The TECHNSORB series has been designed for the purification of up to 4000m³/hr H2S laden air stream using single carbon bed. A feature is that the carbon can be regenerated at site. Air is blown into the bottom of the carbon bed and flows upward through the carbon bed.The air discharges to atmosphere via the top outlet nozzles. As ...

Model DCM - Curved Bar Screen

by Tech Universal (UK) Ltd     based in Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM

The DCM Curved Bar Screens consist essentially of: non-deformable, in galvanized steel, one piece vessel, cleaning rake, with galvanized steel comb, oversized geared motor, waterproof, horizontal stop device of the arm.

Automatic Vertical Screen

by Tech Universal (UK) Ltd     based in Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM

Working Principles: Tech Universal Automatic vertical bar screen are cable driven, equipped with a 350mm depth rake moving alternately up and down. The cycles are controlled by a daily programmable clock, or by level switch.

Rotating Scraper – Full Bridge Type

by Tech Universal (UK) Ltd     based in Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM

Full Bridge Rotating Scraper (Clarifier) is designed and used in all sedimentation tanks (primary & secondary sedimentation). In general manner it is mainly used to treat domestic and industrial effluent containing heavy wastes that could rapidly settle and that the slurry can be removed as it is formed.

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