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Sewage Treatment Plants

by H2O Inc. and H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V.     based in Lafayette, LOUISIANA (USA)

Our marine sanitation devices deliver reliable, proven performance that meets or exceeds industry standards. Manufactured for decades of dependable service, H2O’s systems require little maintenance and are easily installed in any area. These self-controlled units deliver a tough, reliable solution to sewage treatment for crews of 2 to 500.

Aeration Sewage Treatment Plant

by Jan Falk Engineering AB     based in STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN

Aeration of 2,048 meters aeration tank (approx 33.000 m3) for biological treatment and nitrification of municipal sewage.512 Swing aerator units each 3.9 meters long, total 17,400 ceramic fine bubble diffusers

RWO - Model WWT-LC series - Biological Sewage Treatment Plant

by RWO GmbH Marine Water Technology     based in Bremen, GERMANY

With the IMO Resolution MEPC.159(55) new and more stringent limit values came into force for effluent water from marine sewage treatment plants.

Conder - Model SAF - Sewage Treatment Plant

by Electrical & Pump Services Ltd (EPS)     based in Mallow, IRELAND

The Conder SAF Package Sewage Treatment Plant is the perfect solution for small and large scale projects, where a population range exceeds 150 PE and mains drainage is unavailable

Linklcon - Package Sewage Treatment Plants

by Microbac Ltd     based in Consett, UNITED KINGDOM

Skid mounted sewage treatment packages based on submerged, aerated fixed-film technology can be provided for the treatment of domestic and commercial wastewaters arising from small communities, accommodation complexes and mass catering establishments. The relatively small footprint offers benefits where space is at a premium. Microbac has ...

Capitox - Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants

by Septech Holdings Limited     based in Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

The Capitox range of compact, packaged sewage treatment plants for small communities is designed to extended aeration parameters. This well proven activated sludge principle of sewage treatment is accepted as one of the most reliable methods of effluent purifcation. This system has been designed as a low cost packaged unit, requiring a minimum of ...

Biojet - Compact Sewage Treatment Plant

by BIOTRIT S.A.     based in Sabadell, SPAIN

Technology and tradition in one: good output, noiseless. From 30 to 1000 users. A compact sewage treatment plant built in only one tank with two compartments; a decantator and a reactor, where air is insufflated, so that a natural biomass (without chemical products) is produced. The air penetrates the reactor through an oxijet (pump + ejector) by ...

BIOCONSTRUC - Sewage Treatment Plant

by BIOTRIT S.A.     based in Sabadell, SPAIN

The fastest prefabricated solution, economical and little civil work, for sewage treatment in communities from 800 to 3500 users. The main difference with the other plants lies in the fact that it starts from a usually circular, concrete, partially buried or external tank.The height may vary between 4 and 5,5 m and the diameter from 17 to 20 m.If ...

BIOMIN - Sewage Treatment Plant

by BIOTRIT S.A.     based in Sabadell, SPAIN

The perfect solution for sewage treatment in detached houses or small communities. From 5 to 30 users. The traditional solution offered by septic tanks is not enough to treat sewage which contaminates the soil, water-bearings, and moreover they smell. BIOMIN is the best solution to treat sewage by total oxidation for the independent cleaning of ...

Biobca - Sewage Treatment Plant

by BIOTRIT S.A.     based in Sabadell, SPAIN

The most tradicional, with reactor, decantator and blower with difussers. From 30 to 1000 users. This is the most tradicional of the sewage treatment plants, an aeration area and a decantador. The air blowing is produced by means of a suppressor or blower which sends the air to the bottom of the reactor, the air emerges to the surface through a ...

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