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The DESMI TERMITE skimmer is based on the proven DESMI TERMINATOR design incorporating the DESMI DOP-160 pump. The DESMI TERMITE provides a lightweight package that can skim and transfer a wide variety of oils and can operate effectively in open water conditions.

DESMI - RO-MOP - Skimmer


The RO-MOP is ideal for recovery of light, medium and emulsified oils in rivers, lagoons, swamps and other inland waters. Long lengths of mop can be used enabling oil some distance from the wringer unit to be collected.

KB Series - Skimmer - Belt Skimmer

by Veeraja Industries

Used for removing un-emulsified oil.Filtration capacity : 5 l/hr to 20 l/hrCountinues cleaning operation. Auto belt tensioning.Ease of maintainence. Single drive. Very compact.Ideal for indivisual machines and large tanks. Standard sized modules are mentioned in attached PDF catalogue.

Oil Skimmer

by SK Intech Metchems Pvt Ltd

SkimTech's Oil Skimmers are designed to remove free-floating oils, fats, grease and other material from the surface of water in indoor and outdoor applicationsTypical applications include oil/water equalization tanks, oil/water separators, settling and cooling ponds, scale pits and hundreds of other applications.

DESMI TARANTULA - High Capacity Offshore Skimmer


The DESMI TARANTULA incorporates two DESMI DOP-250 pumps which deliver a maximum capacity of 250 m³/h and can develop discharge pressures up to 10 bar while maintaining nearly maximum flow. It is capable of recovering a wide range of oils even with high viscosities. Each pump is fitted with a cutting knife that will handle many types of trash ...

DESMI - MINI-MAX - Self-adjusting Weir Skimmer


The unique DESMI MINI-MAX is a self-adjusting weir skimmer that is capable of recovering a wide range of oils and products floating on the water surface. It is ideal for small industrial separators, tanks and waters. This skimmer can be coupled directly to a vacuum truck or other suction pumps such as diaphragm pumps. The DESMI MINI-MAX is ideal ...

DESMI Giant Octopus - Skimmer for oil recovery


The DESMI GIANT OCTOPUS skimmer from DESMI Ro-Clean is the latest skimmer in our range and features a revolutionary new collection method plus 360 degree access to the collection surfaces. This skimmer is a combination and development from our popular TARANTULA and HELIX skimmers and has benefited from a continuing development program over nearly ...

Disc Type Oil Skimmers

by Premier Enterprises

Disc Skimmers using steel discs of Dia 420MM (Depth 130MM) and 320MM (Depth 80MM) Model. Split type using disc Dia 420MM (Depth 230MM) Chain drive mechanism to split the Disc from motor center to shift the Disc downwards to get more depth using same disc Dia.

VISCO - DSKM-500 - Drum Type Oil Skimmer


Most efficient and the most selective floating drum type oil skimmer are available for cleanup the floating oil. Easy to install and operate great for heavy industries, oil refineries, ETP or spill work. it is so fast and does not need so much water to float . Readily skims light hydrocarbon, kerosene, petrol, diesel or heavy floating oils.Drum ...

Belt Type Oil Skimmers

by Premier Enterprises

Using SS steel belt of 0.12 MM thickness (same as Abanaki, US) this model and belt is with guarantee for workmanship. Even replacement cost is also just around Rs. 600 Approx. Belt type oil skimmers fitted on stand mechanism to lift the oil up from underground tanks of ETP and other applications and to collect the oil directory into 200 Liters. ...

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