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Soil Remediation Oxidizer

by Epcon Industrial Systems, LP

Epcon is known in the industry for the Soil Remediation Oxidizer, including Hazardous and Toxic Spills. Epcon Thermal Oxidizer Systems, which operate in a very safe manner, clean up the toxic chemicals from the ground. We pre-test and pre-assemble the majority of systems in our 150,000 Sq. Ft. modern shop.

Soil & Groundwater Remediation Equipment

by ESD Waste2Water, Inc.

ESD Waste2Water, Inc. offers a complete line of Groundwater Remediation equipment or groundwater recovery pumps and pumping systems. Offering flows from 1 to 200 GPM, ESD Waste2Water can provide a solution for any pumping requirement. Electric, pneumatic, total fluids or product recovery only ESD Waste2Water has the solution.

CAP 18 anaerobic bioremediation product

by Carus Corporation

CAP 18® anaerobic bioremediation product has been specifically manufactured for environmental applications such as remediation of soils and associated groundwater.

CAP 18 ME anaerobic bioremediation product

by Carus Corporation

CAP 18 ME® anaerobic bioremediation product has been specifically manufactured for environmental applications such as anaerobic remediation of soils and associated groundwater.

RemOx L ISCO ISCO reagents

by Carus Corporation

RemOx® L ISCO reagent is used for soil and groundwater remediation by in situ or ex situ chemical oxidation and as an active agent in subsurface reactive barriers for treatment of chlorinated solvents, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, phenolics, organo-pesticides, and substituted aromatics.

BIO-BOOM - Oil Spill Remediation Booms

by OilSpillrem

Oil spill booms that absorb, cleanup & bioremediate oil spills naturally. BIO-BOOM oil spill booms contain environmentally safe and biodegradable OIL BUSTER\PRP which can absorb and biodegrade petroleum hydrocarbon spills. Use it to control and remediate spills on the water or on soil, in stormwater applications. BIO-BOOM oil spill boom can be ...

En Core Discrete VOC Sampler

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.

With its patented technology, it is the only sampling device on the market used for collection, storage and transfer of 5 gram or 25 gram VOC soil samples to meet ASTM standard D4547-98, plus it has been accepted by the EPA for sampling VOC’s using EPA Method 5035. Ideal for sampling VOC’s for tank removal, remediation clean-up, etc., the En Core ...

Phyto-Remediation Applications

by Dynamax Inc

Phytoremediation is the use of living plants for in-situ (in place) remediation and clean-up of contaminated soil, sludge, sediments, or ground water. Phytoremediation may occur through contaminant degradation or containment, and in some cases, the plants are harvested and contaminants in the plant material are simply removed from the site. ...

EAS-Electron Acceptor Solution - Anaerobic Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons

by EOS Remediation, LLC

Soil and groundwater clean-up is critical to sustainable business practices across many industries.  Since 2002, EOS Remediation has provided site owners and engineers with innovative, environmentally responsible solutions to remediation challenges through its R&D, products and technologies.

Soil Vapor Extraction System (SVE)

by ESD Waste2Water, Inc.

Soil vapor extraction (SVE) removes harmful chemicals, in the form of vapors, from the soil above the water table. Vapors are the gases that form when chemicals evaporate. The vapors are extracted (removed) from the ground by applying a vacuum to pull the vapors out. Air sparging uses air to help remove harmful vapors from polluted soil and ...

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