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LG Sonic - Model 360 Solar - Advanced Solar-powered Algae Control

by LG Sonic     based in Zoetermeer, NETHERLANDS

The LG Sonic 360 Solar is a floating solar-powered platform that that emits different ultrasonic parameters in order to control algae.

Planetary Power - Solar Power Systems

by Planetary Power     based in Herberton, AUSTRALIA

Solar Panels generate direct currency (DC) electricity from sunlight. Usually several solar panels are connected together to form a single array. The electricity produced generally is used to charge deep cycle battery banks. A solar array can be used to provide all or part of your electricity supply. It has the advantage that it can be added to ...

ET Solar - Model 12v - Solar Power Modules

by North Coast Power & Water (NCPW)     based in Coffs Harbour, AUSTRALIA

NCPW keep ET Solar 85watt and 135watt modules in 12volt in stock These modules are perfect for camping or small household systems, ET Solar are a less expensive option to the BP Solar module without compromising quality. ET Solars 12v Modules come standard with MC4 connectors for easy installation.

Nensys - Grid-Interactive Solar Power Systems

by Nensys New Energy Systems     based in Raceview, AUSTRALIA

A grid-interactive solar power system in the city effectively reduces your electricity bill and adds value to your property. Excess solar electricity can be exported at 44c/kWh or more depending on your electricity retailer. Eligible customers can get a rebate from the Solar Credits Scheme

Iguana - Solar Powered Long Distance Water Circulators

by Iguana Water Solutions     based in Kenmore, AUSTRALIA

The circulators float on the water surface using a system of floats and produce a high flow circulation over long distances. The technology can be applied to Fresh Water Reservoirs and Lakes, Waste Water Lagoons, Effluent Storage Tanks, Sludge Storage Ponds, Storm Water Lagoons, Industrial Waste Water Ponds and Potable Water Tanks.

HI-Q - Solar Power Air Sampling System Design

by HI-Q Environmental Products Company     based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Since 1973 HI-Q Environmental Products Company's engineering staff has designed and developed hundreds of 'Custom, Turn-Key' Air Sampling Systems. Among these custom units are Complete Solar Powered Air Sampling Systems, which require Low Amp Draw, DC driven vacuum pumps. Let HI-Q's experience work for you.

RA Power - Model RA190W - High Efficiency Solar Cells

by RA Power Group     based in AUSTRALIA

High efficiency solar cells with high transmission and textured glass delivering high efficiency modules. Tempered glass, EVA resin and weatherproof film, aluminium frame for extended outdoor use. Maximum 190W power. COptimum Power Voltage (Vmp) 38.16V. Tolerance Wattage +3%.

HI-Q - Model CF-1512/24-VBRL - Variable Speed, Brushless DC Air Sampler

by HI-Q Environmental Products Company     based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Due to its low Amp draw, variable speed flow rate control, brushless maintenance free blower and portability, the CF-1512-VBRL is considered to be 'The Ideal External Battery Operated Air Sampler'. The brushless blower used in the CF-1512-VBRL draws a maximum of 3.0 Amps at 6.5 CFM, permitting longer sampling times on a single battery charge. For ...

NivuLog SunFlow - Self-Sufficient, Solar-Powered Flow Measurement Station

by NIVUS GmbH     based in Eppingen, GERMANY

The NivuLog SunFlow is a self-sufficient, solar-powered flow measurement station independent from mains power with integrated GPRS data transmission. The discontinuous flow measurement is suited for slight to heavy polluted media in open channels, flumes as well as in part filled and full pipes. The NivuLog SunFlow is designed for flow ...

NivuLog Easy Sun - Autarcic GPRS Data Logger Solar Power Supply

by NIVUS GmbH     based in Eppingen, GERMANY

NivuLog Easy SUN is a fully equipped data transmission unit in a stable solar pane enclosure. Protected by armoured glass, the built-in rechargeable battery is charged using a photovoltaic system to provide power supply even during months with low sunlight. The switchable sensor power supply allows to directly supply sensors. No additional ...

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