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PSG - Model Micro 3000 Series - Solar Photovoltaic Charge Trailer with Storage

by Patriot Solar Group     based in Albion, MICHIGAN (USA)

Recreational Activites. Disaster Relief. Medical Care Stations. Landscaping. Refigeration. Construction. Remote Communication. Sporting Events. Outdoor Lighting. Electrical Event Signs. Social Events. Outdoor Ceremonies.

Sonnenkraft - Model Compact Power - Solar Electricity

by Sonnenkraft UK Ltd     based in Colchester, UNITED KINGDOM

PV – Photovoltaic – is the most effective way of generating electricity from the sun. With a PV-solution from SONNENKRAFT you are ensured a low maintenance installation and the option of rebate from your normal power supplier.

Solar ReceiverThermal Equipment

by NEM HRSGs     based in Leiden, NETHERLANDS

The receiver is the main thermal equipment of a Solar Tower power plant. Its panels collect the reflected sun light from the heliostats of the solar field. The thermal energy of the sunlight is transferred to a heat transfer fluid (water/steam or molten salt). The receiver is placed on top of a steel or concrete tower. There are two kind of ...

PSG - Model 2 & 3 Panel - Solar Off-Grid Monitoring System

by Patriot Solar Group     based in Albion, MICHIGAN (USA)

Modular with quick assembly.Section assembly includes: 2 posts, 2 trusses, 2 rails and hardware.Mounting structure is 100% hot-dipped galvanized.Rugged, Weather Resistant Designs.10-year guarantee against mechanical failure (breakage) of the frame construction.

Model SD210 Power - SD POWER Solar Panel Range

by Solairedirect Technologies     based in Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

Mechanical Characteristics: Length: 1645mm. Width: 840mm. Height: 45mm. Weight: 17Kg. Junction box: 1 x. Tyco junction box with 3 Bypass diodes. Cables: Solar Cable, Length 1000mm, 4mm2 thick assembled. Front Substrate: HiT SM, ARC White Glass 3.2mm thickness. Cells: 50 polycrystalline cells. Encapsulation: EVA - Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. Back ...

SOS - Emergency Grade Solar Generator

by Sun Flare Systems Inc.     based in Marysville, WASHINGTON (USA)

Standard grid tie solar systems automatically turn themselves off during a power outage.  In the event of a power failure, nearly all of the grid tie solar power systems in use today are engineered by law to turn themselves off!  Leaving you and your family without electricity. With the SOS Emergency Grade Solar Generator we provide ...

Model GS-SP-0.6KW - Off-Grid Solar Power System

by Greensky Power Company Limited     based in Hangzhou, CHINA

Off-grid solar power system is exclusively designed and produced for mountainous areas, islands, prairie, fishing boats, aquaculture, forest areas, border posts, field training, railway , roadsides and other none or short of electricity areas, and groups, families and units that support environmental protection and using green and clean energy

Model GS-SPG-1.5KW - On-Grid Solar Power System

by Greensky Power Company Limited     based in Hangzhou, CHINA

On-grid solar power system is made up of solar panel, on-grid inverter and wires. It converts the sunshine to electricity that feeds the grid. Compared with off-grid solar power system, it excludes batteries. On-grid solar power system is the direction for solar generator and the most attractive energy utilization technology in the 21st ...

Anern - Portable Solar Power System

by Anern Corporation     based in Guangzhou, CHINA

Small and light, so it is easy to bring. Either for home use or camping is ok. Completely solar powered, no electrical wiring needed. Deep cycle battery is rechargeable, free of maintenance.

Model (0.3-100kw) - Horizontal Wind Turbine Generator, HAWT

by Xinda Green Energy Co.Limited     based in Jiangsu, CHINA

A wind turbine, which is installed on top of a tall tower, collects kinetic energy from the wind and converts it to electricity that is compatible with a home's electrical system. In a normal residential application, a home is served simultaneously by the wind turbine and a local utility. If the wind speeds are below cut-in speed (7-10 mph) there ...

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