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Tecam - Waste Incineration System

by Tecam Group

Tecam Group provides incinerators to treat solid & liquid waste derived from industrial processes. Waste valorisation is a common and necessary practice to treat, recycle and give a new value to waste coming from human and industrial activity. Incineration is a type of valorisation that offers safe results and advantages, which make it ideal ...

Solid Waste Incinerators

by Granite Environmental, Inc

Granite Environmental solid waste incinerators provide a safe and effective solution for solid waste disposal in environmentally sensitive and remote locations. Incineration is a waste treatment technology for the controlled combustion of waste organic material and substances. Our company has four models for commercial and industrial waste ...

Waste Gasification

by Gasification Technologies Council (GTC)

Gasification can convert materials normally considered waste into energy and valuable products. In the U.S. alone thousands of tons of a potential source of energy are collected and thrown away each week. Most of the waste that we discard from our homes and businesses every day - such as non-recyclable plastics, construction debris, used tires, ...

Fly Ash & APC Residues Treatment

by Tetronics (International) Ltd

Air Pollution Control (APC) residues, which are a mixture of fly ash, organic pollutants (including dioxins and furans), carbon and alkaline salts in powder form, are classified as hazardous waste. They are generated from processes associated with the operation of Solid Waste combustion (approximately 80% generated by this route) and other thermal ...

Trecan - Controlled-air Solid Waste Incineration Systems

by Trecan Combustion Limited

Performance; Trecan’s controlled-air solid waste incineration systems, sold under the Trecaire brand name, are designed to produce excellent ash quality and the lowest practical emissions and auxiliary fuel useage.

Solid Liquid Incinerators

by airprotech

Rotating and static incinerating ovens for solid and liquid industrial waste

Solid Waste Incinerators

by Infratech Corporation

All Solid Waste Incinerators are packaged, skid mounted, fully contained and include: Choice of Diesel, Natural Gas or LPE Fuel. Packaged Burners with Flame Safety Controls,. Digital Temperature Controls for Upper and Lower Chambers. Simple One Button Operation. Safety Interlocks. Optional Waste Oil Incineration Capabilities.


by Nika Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

The incineration process can be understood through a triangular puzzle. This triangle is an isosceles triangle with two equal and one unequal side. The three sides represent the 3Ts of incineration i.e. Time, Temperature and Turbulence. If one side is decreased then there has to be compensatory increase in the other two. A perfect balance between ...

Hazardous Waste Incinerators

by Santes Ltd. Co.

Hazardous wastes can be in the form of liquid, solid, gas, or sludge. They can be discarded commercial products, like cleaning fluids or pesticides, or the by-products of manufacturing processes. All hazardous waste in the form of solid, liquid, gas and sludge can be destroyed by Santes Incineration system.

Model A 4.2 - Solid Waste Incinerator Thermal Oxidizer

by Granite Environmental, Inc

Incinerators in US like this solid waste thermal oxidizer model A 4.2 is perfect for the incineration of mixed solid waste disposal. The A 4.2 incinerator is modular and multiple chambered with controlled air.

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