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BRT - Model SORT-O-MAT - Ballistic Separator

by BRT Recycling Technologie GmbH     based in Ibbenburen, GERMANY

Separating of the most different material compositions in three material fractions. By throwing the material up and forward by a paddle, the SORT-O-MAT Ballistic Separator sorts the materials due to their ballistic properties. A 90% precise material separation into heavy, screen and light fraction is achieved. In addition, the material is cleaned ...

BHS - Fines Clean-Up System

by Bulk Handling Systems     based in Eugene, OREGON (USA)

The BHS Fines Clean-Up System is designed to remove shredded fiber, dirt and debris from a 2” (-) broken glass product. The system consists of a vibratory screen, aspirator, combi-separator and dust filter. These modular components can be arranged to easily fit an existing operation or new facility design. The precise air separation delivers ...

REDWAVE - Model C - Optical Sorting System For Colour Recognition

by REDWAVE systems, a trademark of BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH     based in Gleisdorf, AUSTRIA

REDWAVE C is an optical sorting system for colour recognition. For working in the field of mineral sorting, the machine is equipped with a RGB camera.

TITECH - Model autosort - Multifunctional Sorting System

by TOMRA Sorting (TITECH)     based in Mülheim-Kärlich, GERMANY

The TITECH autosort is a multifunctional sorting system to recover a wide range of pieces of material from different waste streams, single stream, packaging, paper, household waste and other sorting tasks looking for enhanced material information and color in combination.

BHS - Metering Bin

by Bulk Handling Systems     based in Eugene, OREGON (USA)

The BHS Metering Bin is a highly effective method of feeding materials into a processing system. With a variable speed chain belt and a variable speed drum at the discharge end, material flow to the system can be precisely regulated. This is key for maintaining a consistent flow of materials into and throughout the processing system. Complete with ...

BHS - Bag Breaker

by Bulk Handling Systems     based in Eugene, OREGON (USA)

The BHS Bag Breaker is a highly effective bag-opening technology that eliminates the need for manual bag openers. Several years of product development led to the innovation of this patented system. Bagged material is fed into the BHS Bag Breaker with an infeed conveyor to achieve an evenly-metered flow rate. Large, counter-rotating drums ...

BHS - Glass Breaker DRS

by Bulk Handling Systems     based in Eugene, OREGON (USA)

The BHS Glass Breaker separates glass from mixed recyclables with an effective and accurate disc screen. The BHS Debris Roll Screen is at the heart of all glass screening and separating systems. This specialty screen is fitted with Glass Breaker accessories designed to break glass and remove it from the container stream utilizing BHS’ ...

BHS - Bale Breakdown Unit

by Bulk Handling Systems     based in Eugene, OREGON (USA)

The BHS Bale Breakdown Unit (BBU) is designed to convert baled plastic containers into singulated pieces for effective processing downstream. The ruggedly-built BBU is constructed to withstand the demanding operating environment of today’s plastic processor. BHS meets this demand with the BBU-90 and integral infeed conveyor. Bales are fed ...

BHS - OCC Separator

by Bulk Handling Systems     based in Eugene, OREGON (USA)

The BHS OCC Separator automatically separates old corrugated containers (OCC) from mixed recyclables. The uniquely designed and patented OCC Separator provides unmatched separation efficiencies. Our in-line, tri-shaped discs impart a bouncing, wavelike action on the material stream, liberating other types of fiber and contaminants from the OCC ...

BHS - Eddy Current Separator

by Bulk Handling Systems     based in Eugene, OREGON (USA)

The BHS Eddy Current Separator uses a strong magnetic field to efficiently & accurately repel aluminum from incoming materials, recovering your highest value product at high levels of purity. With our ECS, removal of aluminum from the waste stream is precise and product loss is minimized. The BHS ECS is rugged, effective and reliable, offering ...

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