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Aabaco - Oil Spill Kits

by Aabaco Industries

An Aabaco Oil Spill Kit can mean the difference between an 'incident' and a 'disaster'. A properly stocked, maintained and deployed spill kit can protect our natural resources and save your company from fines, clean-up costs and damage to your reputation.Aabaco Environmental can custom build an oil spill kit that suits your petroleum needs. We ...

Absorbents Oil Spill Clean Up Kits

by Granite Environmental, Inc

Oil Spill Clean Up is easy with our absorbents and spill kits. Our quick wipe cleanup pads are ideal for small 5 gallon spills while fueling or making repairs and best of all economical too.

Oil Spill Kit

by Granite Environmental, Inc

Our spill kit makes Oil and Hazardous material cleanup quick and easy. Kits are available in several convenient sizes for small truck fueling spills and industrial spills. Our absorbents are a must have for any first responder and perfect for nearly any situation. Each kit has it's own drum with all the industrial absorbant required for the spill.

SpillKlenz - Clean-Up Travel Kit

by Simple Solutions Dist. LLC

With the new SpillKlenz(tm) Clean-Up Travel Kit, you won’t need to go searching for napkins to soak up those spills and messes. The absorbent powder quickly soaks up the liquid mess and neutralizes the odor. Specifically designed to be stored in your vehicle and be fully disposable once used. Kit contains 2 absorbent packs, gloves, disposal ...

Enviro-USA - Oil Only Absorbent Spill Kits

by Enviro-USA American Manufacturer, LLC

Enviro-USA’s Oil Only Absorbent Spill Kits are ideal to have around as there’s always that possibility that an oil spill may take place at any time. Whether it be in the work place, marinas, ports, refineries, boats, engine rooms, machine or auto mechanic shops, etc., spill kits allow you to have a variety of oil absorbents readily ...

AERC - Mercury Spill Kits

by AERC Recycling Solutions

Any accidental release of elemental mercury in the workplace is a serious health and environmental concern. Mercury and mercury vapors are toxic and spill areas require immediate attention and clean up.

CHEMTEX - Spill Kit Shovels

by Chemtex, Inc.

Made for clean-up applications in an industrial setting involving spill kits. Non-sparking and rugged, spill kit shovels are a great way to transport saturated absorbents from the spill zone to disposal packs.

EcoSense - Quick Response Spill Kits

by EcoSense International

We like to think we're careful, but what about other people? What about accidents? Spills happen, fuel, oil, caustic chemicals, acids and all manner of other nasty fluids get spilled and need to be addressed immediately.

Oil-Only Spill Kits

by New Pig Corporation

Do you have the right spill response equipment to clean up oil spills on water? Our Oil-Only Spill Kits come in various sizes to accommodate oil spill cleanups of all sizes. For spill containment products and spill control equipment, trust New Pig's Oil-Only Spill Kits, Spill Kits, Drum Spill Pallets, hazardous waste management products, and more. ...

MRO Spill Kits

by New Pig Corporation

It's far easier to clean up spills of oils, solvents, coolants and water with our MRO Spill Kits. These mobile spill control products are perfect for on-the-go spill cleanup. Choose from overpack salvage drum kits, container kits, cart kits, cabinet kits, and more MRO Spill Kits. New Pig is the leader in spill containment products, sorbents, spill ...

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