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CTMI Steam Turbines - Model PS and MS Series - Steam Turbines

by Chola Turbo Machinery International Pvt Ltd     based in Bangalore, INDIA

CTMI offers Single stage and Multistage Steam Turbines models that cover the range of Power from 5 kW to 30000 kW. Single stage turbines have been a fixture in most of the process industries meeting their process requirements and also serving with Power. CTMI also offers one of its kind Single Stage Condensing Turbines.High fuel and high energy ...

Siemens - Model SST-9000 - Steam Turbine

by Siemens Power Generation     based in Erlangen, GERMANY

Steam turbines of the SST-9000 series are typically operated in power plants with a power output of up to 1,900 MW. They feature a double flow high-pressure (S) cylinder and up to 3 double flow low-pressure (L) cylinders with shrunk on disk rotors for 25 and 30 Hz.

Siemens - Model SST-050 Series - Steam Turbines

by Siemens Power Generation     based in Erlangen, GERMANY

The SST-050 (formerly known as AF or BF series) is a single-stage, back pressure steam turbine in which the flow passes axially through the blading. It is mainly used as a power source for pumps or fans and especially as a stand-by unit with quick-start capability.

Model SCF 10 MW - 100 MW - Steam Turbines

by Franco Tosi Meccanica SpA     based in Legnano, ITALY

Single flow, same flow direction for the entire bladed path. Full arch admission with reaction blades as well as control stage version are available. Very simple mechanical scheme to meet the highest performance and reliability standards of a wide and diversified market, from industrial applications to geothermal needs. High speed and direct ...

Model SRCF 30 MW - 150 MW - Steam Turbines

by Franco Tosi Meccanica SpA     based in Legnano, ITALY

Single flow, HP section flow in opposite direction to IP and LP (reverse) flow, single cylinder. This turbine standard has been developed to answer to needs of our customers both in the industrial and utility sector. Full arch, fully reaction HP section version is available as the control stage version, to fit any operational configuration. ...

Model DC / SL - DL 50 MW - 250 MW - Steam Turbines

by Franco Tosi Meccanica SpA     based in Legnano, ITALY

Two cylinders, single LP cylinder. This configuration covers with state of the art performances a broad range of applications: typical are combined cycles, solar and biomass with big flexibility in steam conditions provided by different versions of the same basic standard. Sliding pressure operations with full arch admission is typical although ...

Model DHI / DL - ML 300 MW - 850 MW - Steam Turbines

by Franco Tosi Meccanica SpA     based in Legnano, ITALY

Machines to be applied in large, typically coal-fired power plants. Leading edge technology, both in mechanical and aerodynamic design ensures the best efficiency and reliability either in USC or SC configurations. Full arch admission and full reaction blading.

Elliott - Model YR - Steam Turbines

by Elliott Group     based in Jeannette, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Elliott YR steam turbines are globally renowned for performance in a wide range of services.They are known for quality, reliability, and adaptability, operating for decades in conditions ranging from humid tropical heat and rainfall to freezing icy tundra and snowfall. Around the world, YR turbines are on the job driving pumps, compressors, fans, ...

Model HIC / DL - ML 100 MW - 500 MW - Steam Turbines

by Franco Tosi Meccanica SpA     based in Legnano, ITALY

This type of machine is made by a HP/IP combined cylinder plus a double flow LP turbine (HIC-DL). The same concept is applied with two LP turbines when larger exhaust areas are needed. State of the art technology allows to reach the highest possible efficiency rate when a compact configuration is requested. Fossil power plants and combined cycles ...

ICM - Steam Turbines

by ICM, Inc.     based in Colwich, KANSAS (USA)

With ICM’s steam turbine, your plant can harness the energy created by the let-down process and turn it into usable electrical power to help meet your plant’s energy requirements. The turbine takes advantage of steam that is already being produced by the plant’s boilers by replacing the pressure-reducing valve in the line to the ...

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