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Stormwater Management Storm Filter

by Contech Engineered Solutions LLC

The Stormwater Management StormFilter removes the most challenging target pollutants – including fine solids, soluble heavy metals, oil, and total nutrients – using a variety of sustainable media. For more two decades, StormFilter has helped clients meet their regulatory needs, and through product enhancements the design continues to ...

Storm Water Diverters - Drain Covers

by Eldred Environmental & Export Company LTD

The Drain Cover helps comply with city and state stormwater pollutant regulations. Once laid over the storm drain, the cover blocks the pollutants from entering. The pollutants then can be removed from the site for proper recycling. The drain cover can be filled with sand or water for use.

StormTrap Detention and Infiltration

by Contech Engineered Solutions LLC

Our new stormwater system design is more cost-effective and efficient than ever before. Compared to traditional systems, StormTrap offers the industry’s best new solutions for managing runoff, protecting waterways and improving the use of your property.

CON/STORM Detention and Infiltration

by Contech Engineered Solutions LLC

CON/STORM is a modular precast system designed to provide economic concrete below-grade detention and infiltration. Most commonly used on sites where depth from finished grade to storm sewer outlet elevation is less than 10 feet, but also utilized for high cover situations.

StormRax - Trash Racks and Debris Cages

by Contech Engineered Solutions LLC

The StormRax line of structural plastic trash racks and debris cages for stormwater management basins and pond structures are available in numerous sizes and shapes to accommodate nearly every type of application.Structural plastic has a cellular core surrounded by integral skins forming a totally integrated structure. Structural molded parts made ...

Storm Water Diverters - Water Dikes

by Eldred Environmental & Export Company LTD

The Water Dike tube can be used in conjunction with the drain cover for added diversion. The Water Dikes can be easily deployed around storm drains to help divert portable washdown fluid equipment and personal decon, over turned rail tankers and semi tankers. Fill with either water or sand.

Ultra-StormWattle - Fiber Rolls Minimize Erosion and Sediment Runoff

by Argus-Hazco

Ultra-StormWattle Fiber Rolls are made with wheat straw, and bound into a tight tubular roll. When StormWattles are placed on the face of slopes, they intercept stormwater runoff, reduce its flow velocity, release the runoff as sheet flow, and provide removal of sediment from the runoff. By interrupting the length of a slope, the Ultra-StormWattle ...

STORM Guardian

by Casella

STORM Guardian is an early warning system that mitigates the risk to lives and property from the increasing incidence of high intensity rainfall and subsequent flash flooding.  Based on a proven tipping bucket rain gauge (TBRG) connected to a GPRS enabled datalogger, it operates autonomously for up to seven years on a single battery.

ULTRATECH - Storm Wattles

by Interstate Products Inc

UltraTech Storm Wattles minimize erosion and sediment runoff. Some times referred to as fiber rolls or fiber logs, StormWattles can be used instead of silt fence to reduce erosion control at construction sites. The units stop sediment and other debris from entering retention ponds, lakes and other bodies of water. They are made with wheat straw, ...

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