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Stormwater Management Storm Filter

by Contech Engineered Solutions LLC

The Stormwater Management StormFilter removes the most challenging target pollutants – including fine solids, soluble heavy metals, oil, and total nutrients – using a variety of sustainable media. For more two decades, StormFilter has helped clients meet their regulatory needs, and through product enhancements the design continues to ...

Model # T-80 - StormFilter

by CULTEC, Inc.

CULTEC StormFilter T-80 is a cost-effective filtration unit used to remove leaves and debris from rainwater collected by catchbasins or gutters. StormFilter T-80 prevents leaves and debris from clogging outflow systems and piping. Rainwater is piped into the endwall of the StormFilter T-80 and passed thru a removable filter. Pollutants are ...

Storm Drain Filters

by EnviroHazmat

The Ultra-Urban® Filter is designed for use in storm drains that experience oil and grease pollution accompanied by sediment and debris. Trash and sediment accumulate in the internal basket while oil and grease is captured in the filtration media. Field tests have proven that the proprietary OARSâ Smart Sponge filtration media will ...

Up-Flo - Fluidized Bed Filtration System

by Eutek Systems, Inc.

A high-rate fluidized bed filtration system that provides sedimentation, screening and filtration all under one lid. Developed with researched funded by the EPA, the Up-Flo Filter is proven to offer high removals of fine sediments, metals and phosphorus with long filter runs at loading rates higher than 10 times conventional surface and radial ...

The Storm Shark - Advanced Media Filtration System

by Stormwater Online

A cost efficient solution to meet your storm water compliance needs. The Storm Shark was developed by StormWater Online, Inc. to provide an alternative to costly off-site water treatment methods and to keep our customers in compliance with current storm water regulations.

Mega Mouth - Filter Rack

by Stormwater Online

A cost efficient pre treatment solution. The Mega Mouth Pre-Filter is designed to pre-treat your water before it enters into the Storm Shark. The Mega Mouth filter rack bags have various d openings and are fitted to meet the types of solids that you expect at your site. Solids such as metal shavings, metal grindings, bottle caps, trash, rocks and ...

Oceanus - Trench Drain Storm Water Filter

by Stormwater Industries, Inc.

The Oceanus Trench Drain Storm Water Filter is a multipurpose trench drain insert designed to capture sediment, debris, trash & oils/grease from storm water runoff. A proprietary design allows 100% Overflow Bypass in times of high flow, reducing the risk of flooding while still retaining trapped pollutants. Its unique design also allows the ...

AquaLogic - Stormwater Abatement Filtration System

by SWAF, Inc.

During a storm, rainwater runoff from impervious surfaces is gathered in a splitter box or diversion chamber to separate “first flush” flows. This chamber is adjacent to a primary sedimentation chamber which is generally sized to accommodate the full “first flush” volume. The filter cartridges are located within a ...

Freytech - Model EcoStorm Plus 1000 - Stormwater Filtration System

by Freytech Inc.

Freytech presents ecoStorm plus, an affordable stormwater filtration system designed to remove sediments, heavy metals and nutrients. Surface water runoff contains significant concentrations of heavy metals and other soluble pollutants. Structural Stormwater treatment systems are effective in removing sediments, but do not remove solubles such as ...

ecoStorm - Plus Stormwater Filtration

by Royal Environmental Systems, Inc.

New alternatives for removing pollutants are necessary to protect the environment and human health. Utilizing physical and chemical processes, the ecoStorm® plus Stormwater Filtration System effectively AND affordably removes BOTH solids and dissolved substances, including heavy metals, hydrocarbons and nutrients. See why ecoStorm® plus is ...

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