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TRSMEDOR - Model M52022 - Sulfur Compounds Analysis

by Chromatotec Group     based in Val de Virvée, FRANCE

The TRSMEDOR is an automatic and isothermal gas chromatograph dedicated to sulfur compounds analysis (H2S, mercaptans and sulphides) in different matrices. Two versions exist : the TRSMEDOR ppm which measures at ppm levels and the TRSMEDOR ppb which measures at ppb levels.

HORIBA - Model APSA-370 - Ambient Sulfur Dioxide Monitor

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     based in Leichlingen, GERMANY

The APSA-370 is a device for the continuous monitoring of atmospheric SO2 using UV fluorescence. The APSA-370 employs an proprietary, internal dry-method sampling device to achieve the highest levels of sensitivity and accuracy. The dry-method, due to its minimal maintenance requirements capability of continuous monitoring and instantaneous ...

HORIBA - Compact Sulfur Analyzer

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     based in Leichlingen, GERMANY

HORIBA, Ltd. has released a new portable sulfur analyzer, the SLFA-60. Sulfur analyzers are used to measure sulfur compounds present in heavy oil, gasoline, diesel oil etc. as impurities that convert to toxic gases. Shale oil, a promising alternative to crude oil, can contain high concentrations of impurities, including sulfur. Sulfur analyzers ...

HORIBA - Model SLFA-60 - X-ray Fluorescence Sulfur-in-Oil Analyzer

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     based in Leichlingen, GERMANY

HORIBA introduces the new standard of transportable sulfur-in-oil analyzers, the SLFA-60. This instrument introduces new software and hardware features to meet the growing changes in the petroleum industry. The instrument has expanded storage of calibration curves and data can be exported using USB output. The measurement range has increased to ...

AMETEK - Model WR-888 - Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU) Analyzers

by Ametek Process Instruments - THERMOX     based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

AMETEK Process Instruments has been the leader in tail gas analysis for over 40 years-with more than 1,100 installed model 880 NSL analyzers and more than 100 million hours of run time. The Model 888, the successor of the 880 NSL uses field-proven and highly reliable UV technology to accurately monitor the H2S and SO2 concentrations in sulfur ...

Metallo-Organic - Model ROSFB3-100G - Boron Sulfur

by VHG Labs, Inc     based in Manchester, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

VHG Labs’ sulfur-free, metallo-organic concentrates are ideal for X-ray fluorescence (XRF). They can be used to prepare single or multi-element standards, individually or as a set. Sulfur can be added for the simultaneous analysis of sulfur and metals. Each product is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis that documents the assayed ...

CONOSTAN - Sulfur Standards

by SCP SCIENCE     based in Baie D`Urfe (Montreal), QUEBEC (CANADA)

Sulfur is a contaminant found in petroleum products including crude oils, fuels and lubricants. For certain products, sulfur content is regulated for emissions, while in others it inhibits performance. In almost all cases, it requires precise monitoring.For this purpose, CONOSTAN® offers a complete range of Sulfur Standards in a wide variety of ...

GEC TitraMAX - Model ASTM D664 - D2896 -D3327 - D4739 - Multimethods Auto Titrator

by GECIL Process     based in Saint-Cyr-au-Mont-d`Or, FRANCE

The GEC - TitraMAX  is used for TAN total acid number titrator , TBN Total base number , Mercaptan Sulphur , Analysis of petroleum products , lubricants and transformer oils . The titration system comply to several ASTM , IP , ISO methods such as ASTM D664 TAN , D2896 TBN , D4739 TBN  on new and used lubricants ; and D3227 Mercaptan ...

Sunpower - Flare and Flare Gas Recovery

by Sunpower Group     based in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, CHINA

Sunpower is able to reasonably arrange discharge and recycle systems per various discharge components after making a comprehensive analysis of flare discharge gases in order to utilize different flare gas components to a maximum extent.

SRI - Sulfur GC System

by SRI Instruments Europe GmbH     based in Bad Honnef, GERMANY

For H2S in natural gas, Total Reduced Sulfur (TRS) analysis, mercaptans, and other applications where sulfur in gas or liquid is the problem, the Sulfur GC System is designed to deliver simple and reliable analysis. The SRI Sulfur GC system is equipped with an on-column injector, a built-in whisper quiet air compressor, a heated 10 port gas ...

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