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MOD-6400 Sulphur Analyzer

by Cemtrex Inc.

MOD-6400 Sulphur Analyzer utilizes field-proven ultraviolet (UV) fluorescence technology to continuously monitor the Total Sulphur content found in gasoline, diesel and other petroleum products. UV-Fluorescence is a non-consuming method of detection, eliminating the hassles associated with replacing tape cartridges, and enables detection as low as ...

Gradko - Sulphur Dioxide Diffusion Tubes

by Gradko International Ltd

Ambient air monitoring using our Sulphur dioxide diffusion tubes is a simple means of monitoring that requires no further maintenance after installation – an easy, cost-effective method. These Palmes-type tubes are designed for long-term monitoring, and offer measurement of Sulphur dioxide in the low parts per billion to parts per million ...

Signal - Model 477 - Sulphur Dioxide Analyser

by Signal Group Ltd

Sulphur Dioxide analyser suitable for ambient and air quality applications. Available with H2S converter for total Sulphur measurement. Optional internal permeation device for daily calibration checking.

Serinus - Model 50 - SO2 Analyzer

by Ecotech Pty Ltd

The Serinus 50 Sulphur Dioxide analyser delivers precise and reliable performance at excellent value. It uses uses proven fluorescence detection technology to measure SO2 in ambient air. The Serinus range of analysers have been designed using our experience and knowledge gained from operating large air quality monitoring networks for more than 35 ...

IMR - Model 901A-SO2 - Gas Detectors for Sulphur Dioxide

by IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc.

Measuring range: (0~20)ppm, (0~50)ppm. Resolution ratio: O.lppm. Display: Liquid crystal display(LCD) display. Response time: *45s(T90). Alarm sound intensity: >75dB. Alarm light: >20m visible. Alarm point: Fully adjustable. Alarm method: Sound, light. Continuous working time: >3 months ( without backlight). Sensor lifetime: ?>2 year. ...

HORIBA - Model APSA-370 - Ambient Sulfur Dioxide Monitor

by HORIBA Europe GmbH

The APSA-370 is a device for the continuous monitoring of atmospheric SO2 using UV fluorescence. The APSA-370 employs an proprietary, internal dry-method sampling device to achieve the highest levels of sensitivity and accuracy. The dry-method, due to its minimal maintenance requirements capability of continuous monitoring and instantaneous ...

E-Melt - Electric Heating for Melting of Sulphur

by DU Digital Processes Pvt., Ltd.

In the Film type Sulphur Burner, sulphur is required to be melted and then pumped into the furnace and burnt to generate Sulphur dioxide. Melting of sulphur is achieved by using heating coils which have steam at 7 Kg/cm2 circulating inside the coils. At present high pressure steam at 7 Kg/cm2 has to be bled from the turbine or from the boiler PRDS ...

Lundberg - Sulfur Burners


The generation of sulfur dioxide by combusting elemental sulfur has a wide range of industrial applications. Sulfur dioxide is used as a fungicide, disinfectant and food preservative for fruits and wine. It is also used in some wood pulping process and as a bleaching agent for paper, textiles, oils, etc. Our system can utilize either solid sulfur ...

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