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Wet Scrubbing

by Branch Environmental Corp.

The lowest initial cost system will be a wet scrubber. However, as NOx absorbs in water, it reacts to form NO (insoluble form) which will slowly reoxidize to NO2. In a conventional scrubber, 60-70% removal occurs. To improve this, several possible chemicals can be ntroduced into the towers combined with a very long contact time.

CANSOLV - SO2 Scrubbing System

by Cansolv Technologies Inc.

At this time, thirteen commercial CANSOLV SO2 Scrubbing Systems are in operation and many more are in the detailed engineering or procurement phase. Building on its knowledge of amine based technologies, the  CANSOLV SO2 Scrubbing System is a revolutionary regenerable sulfur dioxide (SO2) scrubbing process. This patented technology uses ...

V-tex - Fuel Gas Cleaning

by ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd

Whether the requirement is for cleaning tars from biogases generated from a hot gasification process, or sulphurous compounds or VOCs from biofuels generated from an anerobic digestion process, V-tex can be the solution.

Vertical Packed Bed Scrubber

by Macrotek Inc.

The Macrotek Packed Bed Scrubber utilizes a vertical counter-current design for high efficient absorption of gases. In the vertical counter-current design, gas flows upward while scrubbing liquid flows down through banks of sprays. The absorption of gases takes place in the scrubber's random packing section and scrubbing liquid is introduced in a ...

V-tex - Scrubbing

by ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd

V-tex technology is an innovative and patented method of scrubbing contamination. V-tex scrubbers are designed specifically to suit the particular application and duty. Gas flows treated by V-tex technology typically vary from 5m3/hr to 20,000m3/hr and from single stage to multiple stage units depending on the contamination removal efficiency ...

Model K-415 - Scrubber

by BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

The Scrubber with its four cleaning steps provides maximum safety. It protects the user and the environment not only by neutralizing the poisonous fumes and reaction gases but also by minimizing the use of cooling water.

VenturiPak - Scrubbers

by Envirocare International, Inc.

The VenturiPak scrubber is a result of re-examining and optimizing the venturi concept to achieve high collection efficiency at modest energy consumption (i.e. low to medium pressure drop).

Wet Scrubbing - Cyclonic Scrubber

by MikroPul GmbH

This basic scrubber has the capability of tolerating high inlet dust loadings without sacrificing its collection efficiency, which is 99+% at around the 5 micron size range.

Wet Scrubbing - Venturi Scrubber

by MikroPul GmbH

The design of the MikroPul Venturi Scrubber consists of a 'wet approach' venturi followed by a liquid entrainment separator. Dust laden gases enter the venturi and instantly make contact with the tangentially introduced scrubbing liquid swirling down the venturis converging walls. At the venturi throat, the gas and liquid streams collide and the ...

Integrated SO2-CO2 System

by Cansolv Technologies Inc.

Cansolv Technologies Inc. offers a unique concept. The SO2-CO2 integrated technology is applicable to a variety of industries and provides a simplified single source solution to meet your facilities’ SO2 and CO2 scrubbing needs. This patented technology uses an aqueous amine solution, CANSOLV Absorbent DS, to achieve bulk removal of both ...

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