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Vigilec Mono Swimming-Pools V1MP For Swimming-pool Controllers

by Toscano Medioambiente S.L.

Control and protection filter system 18A 230/400VAC. Control and protection unit for any pump. Multicontrol. Protection against any failure in wiring to the pump. Single-phase. Direct starting. Supply voltage: 230 VAC. Overvoltage protection. Overload  rotection. Underload protection. Guarranteed against connection failures. Dry running ...

Ferrodor - Water Treatment System for Swimming Pool

by ICL Water Solutions - BK Giulini GmbH

Ferrodor® - A broad range of products for the treatment of swimming pool water: disinfectants to ensure a perfect water hygiene, flocculants, anti-algae, ph regulators, hardness stabilizers, filter and surface cleaners, winter maintenance products. The swimming-pool product range gives you the opportunity to choose your own maintenance program and ...

Calpeda - Model SPA Series - Self-Draining Whirlpool Pumps

by Calpeda S.p.A

Self-draining, single-impeller pumps, with motor insulated from pumped water, constructed with high quality, corrosionproof plastic materials, with stainless steel diffuser.Compact design (158 mm wide).PVC pipe connections:Ports for cementing joint, with external thread for union coupling.

Hanna Instruments - Model HI-83216-02 - Swimming Pool Bench Photometer

by DelAgua Group

Swimming pool water parameters, like chlorine and pH need to be monitored daily. Chlorine in fact, is used in swimming pools to disinfect water, but its effectiveness depends on the pH value. If these parameters are not constantly checked, a growth of micro-organisms dangerous to health can occur. On the other side, if the chlorine level is too ...

AquaPerl - Premium Perlite Filter Media for Swimming Pools

by Imerys Filtration Minerals Inc.

Engineered for use in diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filters, and can replace both diatomaceous earth (D.E.) and cellulose in these filters. The advantages are crystal clear. Tested and Certified by NSF. The only perlite swim pool filter media with NSF certification.

Faraday Ozone - Model M-series - Ozone generators for swimming pool application

by Faraday Instruments

Faraday Ozone is global player in ozone technology products and has product presence in more than 40 countries. Faraday products are successfully working more than a decade in many places. Faraday has good references for pool ozone system throughout the country and abroad. We closely work with system integrators suppliers of pool products and ...

DULCODOS - Pool Dosing Systems for Swimming Pools

by ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH

DULCODOS Pool dosing systems for automatic swimming pool water treatment include all necessary, optimally inter-adjusted components mounted on one panel. Sensors, controller, metering pump.

EMEC - Model EPHRHD/S Series - Integrated Controller Swimming Pools

by KGO Group Ltd.

EMEC xPHRHD/S Series Metering Pumps w/ Integrated Instrument Control for pH & Redox; Wall mounted metering pump. Swimming pool digital proportional regulator with metering pumps for acid (pH) & disinfectant (ORP). Measurement range: 0-14pH & 0-1000MV.

Model CN Series - Swimming Pool Heaters

by Valutech Inc.

In response to the rising popularity of salt water swimming pools, we are pleased to offer the CN series heat exchanger which are impervious to the corrosive effects of salt water. The CN series swimming pool heaters are designed with corrosion resistant cupro-nickel tubes and bronze end covers making a perfect fit for heating salt water pools, ...

Model Pool Basic Series - Swimming Pools Controllers

by Seko SpA

Seko has developed a simple and reliable system made up of an industrial container that houses the dosing pumps and instruments thus making installation and maintenance easy. Application of peristaltic technology - low noise output, easy to use, low maintenance, protection against siphoning phenomena, avoidance of direct contact with chemical ...

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