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Hanna Instruments - Model HI 9033 - Conductivity and TDS Meters

by Pike Agri-Lab Supplies, Inc.

HI 9033 utilizes a single probe to perform all conductivity readings in four ranges. This allows the user to measure samples from deionized water to brine without having to switch or recalibrate the probe.

TechPro - Model II - Measuring Conductivity, TDS, pH and Temperature

by Myron L Company

Conductivity/TDS, pH & Temperature. Obtain reliable and accurate measurements of your water source with the value-priced TechPro II™. Ideal for water treatment testing as well as other industrial and commercial applications, these instruments reflect Myron L’s 40-plus years experience designing and building quality conductivity, ...

DS And pDS Meters - Conductivity / TDS and pH for Professionals

by Myron L Company

Conductivity or TDS & pH . No water supply is completely pure. Every industrial, commercial or natural source contains dissolved solids or salts. These impurities contribute to scale, corrosion, poor taste, and environmental pollution that endanger animal and plant life.

Model HI 2300 - Autoranging EC, TDS, NaCl, Temperature Meter

by Analytic Instruments

HI 2300 measures EC, TDS, NaCl and temperature. In conductivity and TDS ranges (up to 500 mS/cm and 400 g/L respectively) the instrument automatically chooses the best scale to maintain the highest accuracy.

Waterproof pH, Temperature, Conductivity & TDS Meter

by Geotechnical Services, Inc

The Hanna HI991300 and HI991301 are some of the most popular pH meters on the market for environmental field use. They waterproof and durable for use in remote areas. Display shows temperature and either pH, Conductivity (EC) or Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) simultaneously. Easily and accuratly measure environmental groundwater parameters.

Model HI 4321 - Research Grade Conductivity/TDS Meter with USP

by Hanna Instruments

HI 4321 is a research-grade EC/Resistivity/TDS/Salinity benchtop meter with a large, color, graphic LCD with backlight, capable of millesimal measuring resolution of conductivity with an extended range from 0.001 µS/cm to 1 S/cm. Conductivity is fully customizable and include: temperature compensation coefficient, temperature reference, ...

Model AP-1 - AquaPro Water Quality Tester (TDS)

by HM Digital, Inc.

HM Digital introduces its new AquaPro series, a line of handheld TDS/EC meters with a sleek design that's perfect for today's modern kitchen. The AquaPro digital water testers are the next generation for today's tech-savvy and health-conscience consumer.

Model AD310 / AD410 - Standard Professional Conductivity-TDS-TEMP Portable Meter

by Adwa Hungary Kft.

AD310 and AD410 are portable microprocessor-based instruments for measuring EC or TDS, and temperature.

Model AD33, AD34, AD35, AD36 - Waterproof Conductivity-TDS-TEMP Pocket Testers with Replaceable Electrode

by Adwa Hungary Kft.

AD33, AD34, AD35 and AD36 are waterproof Conductivity and TDS testers, that also measure temperature. The housing has been completely sealed against humidity. All Conductivity and TDS readings are automatically temperature compensated, and temperature values can be displayed in °C or °F units. Conductivity (or TDS) calibration is automatic ...

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