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Smoke Testing Kit

by EMLab P&K     based in San Bruno, CALIFORNIA (USA)

This kit allows the skilled professional to test airflow in workplaces accurately and easily.

ChitoVan - Chitosan Treatability Test Kit

by Dungeness Environmental     based in Bothell, WASHINGTON (USA)

Field Test for ChitoVan Chitosan Acetate and Chitosan Lactate. The ChitoVan Treatability Field Test Kit, offered by Dungeness Environmental, is a quick and easy tool available to test for the flocculation of turbid water. The kit includes everything you need to determine the treatment efficacy of ChitoVan brand chitosan acetate and lactate on any ...

HaloKlear - Residual Test Kit

by HaloSource, Inc.     based in Bothell, WASHINGTON (USA)

The HaloKlear Residual Test Kit uses proven test methods for detecting the presence of residual biopolymer before it can leave the job site. This new patent-pending test kit improves accuracy by 25 percent compared to other kits. Results with the HaloKlear Residual Test Kit are more consistent and reliable than those of other test kits.

ChitoVan - Chitosan Residual Test Kit

by Dungeness Environmental     based in Bothell, WASHINGTON (USA)

Field Test Kit for the Detection of ChitoVan Chitosan Acetate and Chitosan Lactate. Chitosan treatment has proven to be a safe and effective treatment technology for the purification of construction stormwater. As long as ChitoVan™ products are used properly no residual chitosan will be present in the effluent waters. However, since ...

HydroBio - Test Kit for the Determination of Biofilm Amount

by Kurita Europe     based in Ludwigshafen, GERMANY

The HydroBio test kit enables a better control of microbiological growth in water systems; e.g. in cooling water systems, process water (Food and beverage industry, paper industry), in membrane filtration processes.

Jenway - Environmental Test Kits

by Bibby Scientific Limited     based in Stone, UNITED KINGDOM

These test kits can be used with any of the Jenway spectrophotometers.

Model Hooghoudt - Hydraulic Conductivity Test Kit

by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water     based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS

In case of direct measurement in the field the auger hole method according to Hooghoudt can be applied.Following this method the determination of the permeability to water of a soil takes little time (by comparison to other methods), requires a limited number of instruments.

AMS - Pocket Vane Shear Test Kit

by Art’s Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. (AMS Inc.)     based in American Falls, IDAHO (USA)

Easy to use with easy-to-read results: Regular vane (0 to 1 kg/cm²) : For saturated cohesive soils with undrained strength , independent of normal pressure. Large vane (0.2 kg/cm²): use with remolded samples. Small vane (2.5 kg/cm²): for stiffer clays.

Model AIRQUAL-1 - Beathing Air Quality Test Kit

by AquaGas Pty Ltd     based in CURRUMBIN, AUSTRALIA

This comprehensive breathing air quality test kit is compact, easy to operate and can be used to indicate the level of contamination, as well as, operating flow, temperature and pressure. Sampling of compressed air is fast, with the ability to process results in less than minutes. Concentrations of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen and oil ...

Soil Test Kits for Soil Analyses

by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water     based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS

The (agricultural) soil test kits offer simplified methods for determination of available nutrients found in agricultural soils. A series of rapid, accurate chemical tests use standardized reagents to produce color reactions measured against laminated color charts. Colorimetric test methods are used for most test factors. Some tests are based on ...

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