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Model TD-5 - Short Path Thermal Desorption

by Scientific Instrument Services Inc.     based in Ringoes, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Summary: The SIS TD-5 Short Path Thermal Desorption System thermally extracts volatile and semi-volatile organics from solid, liquid and gas samples for analysis by GC and GC/MS. It consists of a Thermal Desorption Unit (Figure 1 - right) and an Electronics Control Unit, which interfaces to Windows-based control software running on the PC (Figure ...

Model TDS - Thermal Desorption System

by Gerstel Inc     based in Linthicum, MARYLAND (USA)

Conventional thermal desorption systems usually consist of a desorption unit, a cooled trap and a GC inlet. The TDS is a high-performance thermal desorption system that uses the GERSTEL cooled injection system to function as both a cryogenic trap and a GC inlet. Analytes are focused in the inlet liner, not the column, before being transferred onto ...

Model UNITY - Universal Thermal Desorption Unit

by Markes International Ltd     based in Llantrisant, UNITED KINGDOM

Universal thermal desorption unit for sorbent tubes UNITY™ is an industry-leading analytical thermal desorption instrument for the simultaneous analysis of VOCs, SVOCs and thermally labile compounds collected onto sorbent tubes. In contrast to other thermal desorption units, UNITY quantitatively re-collects the thermally desorbed sample for ...

Model TT24-7 Series - Advanced Thermal Desorption System

by Markes International Ltd     based in Llantrisant, UNITED KINGDOM

Uninterrupted monitoring of trace chemical vapours. TT24-7™ is an advanced thermal desorption system for continuous near-real-time (NRT) monitoring of VOCs and SVOCs in air or gas. TT24-7 ensures 100% data capture by using a twin-trapping design that can accommodate a wide range of sampling flow rates. As with all Markes’ thermal ...

Model 945D - Thermal Desorption Unit

by Midwest Soil Remediation, Inc.     based in Lake Barrington, ILLINOIS (USA)

The MSR 945D Thermal Desorption Unit is a high capacity system that typically processes between 80 and 120 tons of contaminated soil per hour. The process begins with the placement of contaminated soil in the primary feed hopper via front end loader. All types of soil including clay, sand, silty clay, gravel, and aggregates can be treated. The ...

Camsco Thermal Desorption Tubes

by Chromatographic Specialties Inc.     based in Brockville, ONTARIO (CANADA)

High quality tubes at lower prices than the competition. TD Tubes for PerkinElmer, Markes, CDS/Dynatherm, Shimadzu, DANI, Gersterl and more. Reliable, repeatable performance supported by a 100% replacement guarantee.

Thermal Desorption Systems

by AMA Instruments GmbH     based in Ulm, GERMANY

Thermal desorption has become a well established sample introduction technique for gas chromatography in order to determine volatile or semi-volatile organic compounds in air or gaseous samples and in solids. In case of gaseous samples the organic compounds to be analyzed will be collected on suitable adsorbent materials prior to analysis, whereas ...

MSR - Model 420D - Thermal Desorption Unit

by Midwest Soil Remediation, Inc.     based in Lake Barrington, ILLINOIS (USA)

The MSR 420D is a compact, low capacity thermal soil remediation system capable of process rates of up to 15 tons per hour. Contaminated materials are fed into a three cubic yard feed hopper by means of a front-end loader. The material is conveyed over a weigh scale and enters the “cool end” of the rotary desorber. As the contaminated ...

Model 195I - Thermal Desorption Unit

by Midwest Soil Remediation, Inc.     based in Lake Barrington, ILLINOIS (USA)

The MSR 195I is a unique 2-trailer transportable thermal soil treatment unit designed to remediate soils contaminated with hazardous chlorinated solvents at a rate of up to 10 tons per hour. This indirectly heated batch type treatment system is a completely self contained closed-loop process that consists of 4 basic components: material processing ...

Model TDU - Thermal Desorption Unit

by Gerstel Inc     based in Linthicum, MARYLAND (USA)

The GERSTEL Thermal Desorption Unit (TDU) was initially developed to be a dedicated instrument for use with GERSTEL Twister stir bars, but due to continued system development, it now adds 5 additional sample introduction techniques for GC and GC/MS analysis. The TDU is used with the GERSTEL Cooled Injection System (CIS) on a GC or GC/MS system to ...

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