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Pollution - EDU-3 - Enrichment and Desorption Unit

by Pollution Srl

This device can be connected to Vega-GC (or between Vega-GC and Vega-MPS) to increase the concentration of air samples, improving the GC sensitivity. It is based on the widely used technique of adsorption and thermal desorption from a cartridge containing an active phase, which selectively traps a family of components (aromatics, oxygenated ...

Thermal Conduction Heating (TCH) / In Situ Thermal Desorption (ISTD) / In Pile Thermal Desorption (IPTD)

by TerraTherm, Inc.

TerraTherm offers low, moderate, and higher temperature applications of Thermal Conduction Heating (TCH). As incorporated within TerraTherm’s proprietary In Situ Thermal Desorption (ISTD) technology, TCH has been applied to sites worldwide since 1989. Thermal conduction is the process of heat flowing from the hot end of a solid object (like an ...

Chromtech - 2000 - Thermal Desorption Autosampler (TDAS)

by Chromtech GmbH

The Thermal Desorption Autosampler (TDAS) was developed by CHROMTECH for fully automated thermal desorption. Organic compounds that vaporize or semi-vaporize can easily be analyzed in solid, liquid or gaseous samples with the PAL TDAS connected to a GC or GC/MS system.

Thermal Desorption Systems

by AMA Instruments GmbH

Thermal desorption has become a well established sample introduction technique for gas chromatography in order to determine volatile or semi-volatile organic compounds in air or gaseous samples and in solids.

Camsco Thermal Desorption Tubes

by Chromatographic Specialties Inc.

High quality tubes at lower prices than the competition. TD Tubes for PerkinElmer, Markes, CDS/Dynatherm, Shimadzu, DANI, Gersterl and more. Reliable, repeatable performance supported by a 100% replacement guarantee.

Indirect Thermal Desorption System

by KMT International, Inc.

KMT International Inc presents unique Indirect heat thermal desorption system uses indirect thermal desorption to recover and recycle hydrocarbon contaminated solids for safe on-site disposal. This is a portable system designed to thermally remove hydrocarbons from solids. Using the latest in resistive element technology to heat the rotors and ...

Series 2 ULTRA 50:50 - Thermal Desorption System

by Markes International Ltd

ULTRA 50:50 is a patented and space saving solution for automated thermal desorption (TD) and re-collection of up to 100 standard sorbent tubes. ULTRA 50:50 allows the trap desorption (outlet) split flow from 50 sample tubes to be quantitatively re-collected onto 50 clean sorbent tubes. Alternatively, the outlet split flow from up to 100 samples ...

TD-100 - Automated Thermal Desorption System

by Markes International Ltd

The TD-100 high throughput, automated analytical thermal desorption unit is a desorption system for up to 100 RFID-tagged (TubeTAG™) or untagged sample sorbent tubes.   The TD-100 automated thermal desorption system has unrivalled analytical capability, able to measure volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (VOC & SVOC) ...

TT24-7 - Thermal Desorption System

by Markes International Ltd

The TT24-7 continuous air/gas monitoring system incorporates two electrically-cooled traps which operate in tandem to ensure 100% data capture

945D - Thermal Desorption Unit

by Midwest Soil Remediation, Inc.

The MSR 945D Thermal Desorption Unit is a high capacity system that typically processes between 80 and 120 tons of contaminated soil per hour. The process begins with the placement of contaminated soil in the primary feed hopper via front end loader. All types of soil including clay, sand, silty clay, gravel, and aggregates can be treated. The ...

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