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Process Combustion - Catalytic Thermal Oxidisers

by Process Combustion Ltd     based in Harrogate, UNITED KINGDOM

Catalytic thermal oxidisers by Process Combustion Ltd. operate at significantly lower temperatures than equivalent thermal systems. With the ever increasing cost of fuel, catalytic oxidation systems can offer a cost effective, energy efficient solution to your air pollution needs.

Recuperative Oxidisers

by BABCOCK WANSON - CNIM Group     based in Chevilly-Larue Cedex, FRANCE

Recuperative oxidisers are targeted at industrial process where there is a combination of energy demand and effluent oxidation. These types of thermal oxidisers are mainly suitable for high VOC concentrations and lower flow rates. The process plant includes: An inverter driven effluent transfer fan, A pre-heater for the VOC or odour laden air, The ...

Recuperative Thermal Oxiaiser

by Envirocombustion Systems Limited     based in Congleton, UNITED KINGDOM

Where the concentration of the VOC is relatively high, support fuel use will be low. The heat contained within the clean exhaust gases can be used to preheat the incoming waste gasses prior to the oxidiser furnace. This will further reduce the support fuel use. Additionally a secondary heat exchanger can also be used to recover still further an ...

Process Combustion - Recuperative Thermal Oxidisers

by Process Combustion Ltd     based in Harrogate, UNITED KINGDOM

Process Combustion Ltd.’s range of recuperative oxidisers can be designed with a very high destruction efficiency capability combined with integral heat recovery systems to help reduce operational cost. Systems are supplied with a primary heat exchanger to heat the incoming air stream. Additional secondary heat recovery systems can be ...

Process Combustion - Direct Fired Thermal Oxidisers

by Process Combustion Ltd     based in Harrogate, UNITED KINGDOM

Direct fired thermal oxidisers by Process Combustion Ltd. can treat very high concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in waste gas and waste liquid streams safely and effectively. The waste streams, in some cases, can be injected through the burner system and be used as a fuel. Additional energy saving equipment such as waste ...

Process Combustion - Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers (RTO`s)

by Process Combustion Ltd     based in Harrogate, UNITED KINGDOM

Regenerative thermal oxidisers (RTO’s) by Process Combustion Ltd. can offer very high destruction efficiency of VOC’s combined with high energy efficiency. This high energy efficiency enables the unit to operate at very little or zero fuel input. Where the heat contribution of the VOC’s is significant, the RTO can release the ...

Direct Fired Oxidiser

by Envirocombustion Systems Limited     based in Congleton, UNITED KINGDOM

Direct-fired thermal oxidisers or afterburners are simple combustion chambers with no heat recovery. Fuel use will be significantly high in relationship to the waste stream volume and the VOC concentration. In some applications this is the best technique to use. However there is usually a need to reduce fuel use. Then a method of heat recovery can ...

Thermal Oxidiser Systems (TOS)

by ENETEX GmbH     based in Steinau a. d. Str., GERMANY

Thermal oxidisers (TOS) are the most common systems because they are nearly universally applicable. Temperatures of 700-1100°C oxidize combustible contaminants contained in the exhaust air. The strongest arguments in favor of thermal oxidisers are their universal applicability, compact construction, short heat up times, insensitivity to ...

Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser System (RTO)

by Gesellschaft für Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik mbH     based in Hasselroth - Gondsroth, GERMANY

Thermal oxidation with regenerative heat exchanger guarantees very economic highly efficient oxidation of all VOC´s. The raw off-gases are passed to the hot ceramic bed and reach close to oxidation temperature. After oxidation of all the VOC's, the purified off-gas streams pass into the second ceramic bed and transfer the heat to the ceramic ...

Catalytic Oxidisers

by Gevoc Ltd     based in Kello, FINLAND

Suitable for wide range of air flows (Nm3/h) and concentrations (g/Nm3). Long life catalyst. Expected lifetime is 15-20 year. Due the highly efficient regenerative heat exchangers, the energy consumption during the operation is very low. 500 0C lower operation temperature which is needed in thermal oxidation. Because the low operation temperature, ...

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