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ERG - Wet Scrubbers and Chemical Scrubbers

by ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd     based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM

ERG has been supplying chemical scrubbers for odour control since 1978, and has installed more than 50 systems throughout the UK in the last 10 years. We have treated air flowrates from less than 1,000 up to 200,000 m3/hr.

Packed Tower Scrubbers

by Hygrade Industrial Plastics Ltd     based in Rugby, UNITED KINGDOM

Hygrade’s packed tower scrubbers are built according to the counter-flow principle:the gas or airstream travels upwards through the tower, meeting the scrubber liquid (which flows downwards) on its way.

Counter-flow Packed Tower Scrubber

by Colasit     based in Spiez, SWITZERLAND

Series: RVE 400 – 3200. Type of construction: vertical, single-stage. Volume flow rate of waste air: 500 – 50’000 m3 / h. Ø of columns: 400 – 3200 mm. Heights: 2500 – 9000 mm. Volume flow rate of washing medium: 2 – 110 m3 / h.

Cross-flow Packed Tower Scrubber

by Colasit     based in Spiez, SWITZERLAND

Series: RHE 315 – 1250 h. Type of construction: horizontal, single or multi-stage. Volume flow rate of waste air: 1’000 – 45’000 m3 / h. Width: 1000 / 1700 mm. Heights: 2500 / 2900 mm. Volume flow rate of washing medium: 5 – 55 m3 / h.

Kimre - Model KON-TANE - Tower Packing

by Kimre, Inc.     based in Homestead, FLORIDA (USA)

Tower Packing is usually thought of as a mass of inert solid shapes dumped in a cylindrical column for the purpose of providing greater surface area for the gas and liquid in a wet scrubber to make contact. Structured tower packing is thought of in much the same manner, a series of stages are installed in a vertical tower to provide maximum ...

Packed Towers

by Branch Environmental Corp.     based in Somerville, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Packed Towers are primarily used for gas absorption. By creating a washing action of water, many acids or other vapors can be efficiently absorbed. The exact size is calculated by our engineering staff for guaranteed performance. We provide the most common configurations, including cross and counterflow designs.

Spray Towers

by Branch Environmental Corp.     based in Somerville, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Spray towers – Crossflow scrubbers, Mesh scrubbers and other specialty units are used where unique and are difficult applications occur involving gas, solids, or combinations of contaminants occur.

Horizontal Scrubbers

by Amplast Corporation     based in Lisle, ILLINOIS (USA)

Horizontal scrubbers are used when size or space availability is of concern. They are very compact, yet all parts are easily accessible and therefore can be installed in confined spaces where there is insufficient headroom for a vertical tower.


by SELIP S.p.A.     based in Fontanellato, ITALY

As Selip S.p.A. is not a company of process or engineering, does not develop all the part relating to scrubber dimensioning and any guarantee is given in this sense. Selip S.p.A. can develop tecnica and commercial offer first and then the executive project, starting from a preliminary drawing that must be provided by the customer.

Verantis - Sieve Tray Towers

by Verantis Environmental Solutions Group     based in Middleburg Hts, OHIO (USA)

Ideal for alcohol, soluble organic, and acid gas absorption. A highly effective contacting device for applications requiring a low gas-to-liquid ratio, Verantis sieve tray towers are best suited for absorption of highly soluble but volatile compounds. They achieve maximum contaminate removal with minimal water use and are less prone to plugging ...

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