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Kimre KON-TANE - Tower Packing

by Kimre, Inc.

Tower Packing is usually thought of as a mass of inert solid shapes dumped in a cylindrical column for the purpose of providing greater surface area for the gas and liquid in a wet scrubber to make contact. Structured tower packing is thought of in much the same manner, a series of stages are installed in a vertical tower to provide maximum ...

ERG - Wet Scrubbers and Chemical Scrubbers

by ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd

ERG has been supplying chemical scrubbers for odour control since 1978, and has installed more than 50 systems throughout the UK in the last 10 years. We have treated air flowrates from less than 1,000 up to 200,000 m3/hr.

V-tex - Gas Scrubbing

by ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd

V-tex is an outstanding scrubbing and stripping technology, providing users with a highly efficient scrubbing/stripping unit operation, in a fraction of the height of a traditional packed tower. And thanks to the opposed-jet spray nozzle at the heart of the technology, V-tex offers flexible, robust operability and unrivalled, maintenance-free ...

Packed Tower Wet Scrubbers

by Croll-Reynolds Company, Inc.

Packed tower wet scrubbers are ideal for ultra high removal efficiencies of acid or basic gases and water soluble VOC's . From ppm to high vol% concentrations of the contaminant, the packed tower can be designed to achieve desired effluent stream limits. Removal efficiencies of 99.99+% can be achieved by proper selection of packing type, size, ...

Packed Tower Scrubbers

by Hygrade Industrial Plastics Ltd

Hygrade’s packed tower scrubbers are built according to the counter-flow principle:the gas or airstream travels upwards through the tower, meeting the scrubber liquid (which flows downwards) on its way.

AppliTek EZ-CAUSTIC - On-line Monitoring of Caustic Scrubbers - Ethylene Production

by AppliTek NV - Environmental Analysis Division

In the petrochemical industry ethylene is produced  by steam cracking. Impurities in the cracking gas, such as Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), are washed out from the gas phase in the caustic scrubber (wash tower). Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) and sulfide (Na2S) result from the reaction with excess NaoH.


by Sustainability Business Management, LLC

We provide primarily venturi scrubbers that are used to remove particulate.  Water is injected into the air/gas stream just upstream of a venturi throat. The water droplets are then driven together with the particles in the throat area. Afterwards, the air/gas enters a  cyclonic separator so that the  dirty water is ...

FRP - Scrubbers

by SELIP S.p.A.

Models – standard diameter from Ø 1000 mm to Ø 4500 mm

MPV Scrubber

by Pure air solutions bv

Pure air solutions offers standardised packed tower scrubbers ranging from 1,000 to over 50,000 m3/h. Water soluble contaminants can easily be removed from an air stream by scrubbing in a packed tower. The counter flow principle ensures high efficiencies for most common pollutants like ammonia, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride and similar ...

Wet Scrubbers

by Environmental Integrated Solutions

Wet scrubbing is a traditional process for handling some emissions including acid gas streams, ammonia bearing streams and streams with solids that might foul other equipment.

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