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SPECORD PLUS - UV/Vis Double Beam Spectrophotometers

by Analytik Jena AG     based in Jena, GERMANY

SPECORD PLUS means reliability, user friendliness and flexibility for precise, very easy and versatile UV/Vis analysis.

SPECORD PLUS - UV/Vis Spectrophotometers for Dissolution Test

by Analytik Jena AG     based in Jena, GERMANY

The UV/Vis spectrophotometers SPECORD PLUS can be easily connected with any commercially available online dissolution test system. A multiplicity of successful installations has been implemented worldwide with the ERWEKA, ICALIS, HANSON, PHARMATEST as well as SOTAX dissolution systems. The photometers are completely integrated in the process ...

Metrohm - Model 2.944.0010 944 - Professional UV/VIS Detector Vario

by Metrohm AG     based in Herisau, SWITZERLAND

The 944 Professional UV/VIS Detector Vario is the intelligent UV/VIS detector from Metrohm. It permits a secure and reliable quantification of substances active in the ultraviolet or visible range. Detection takes place via a Diode Array.

Shimadzu - Model UV-1800 - UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc     based in Columbia, MARYLAND (USA)

Boasting the highest resolution (1 nm) and the smallest footprint of all compact standalone UVs in its class, the UV-1800 Spectrophotometer delivers better performance and ease of use with powerful functionality and UVProbe software, supplied as standard. Offering an array of user-friendly features, the UV-1800 easily satisfies pharmacopoeia ...

Shimadzu - Model SolidSpec - 3700/3700DUV - UV-VIS Spectrophotometers

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc     based in Columbia, MARYLAND (USA)

Shimadzu’s SolidSpec-3700/3700DUV spectrophotometers are top-of-the-line systems offering high sensitivity, deep UV measurement and large sample compartments. The SolidSpec-3700 and 3700DUV respond to the following requirements in the optical, semiconductor and FPD markets.

Model Lab 508 - UV/VIS Analyzer

by Guided Wave Inc,     based in Rancho Cordova, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Product Features:. Compact size. Spectral range 235-850 nm (UV/Vis). Compatible with all Guided Wave probes and flow cells. Rapid data collection with enhanced diode array optical bench. Complete parameter prediction flexibility.

Model 508 Serires - UV/VIS Diode Array Process Analyzer -Spectrometer

by Guided Wave Inc,     based in Rancho Cordova, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Guided Wave Model 508 Process Analyzer is a multi-channel, fiber optic, UV-VIS spectrophotometer system designed for use in process environments. Configurable with up to 4 channels, the Model 508 comes in a NEMA 4 enclosure with built-in thermal control to enable the most consistent performance possible while in 24/7 service mode. Up to 16 ...

NitraVis-System - Model UV/VIS - Spectrometric Probes

by WTW GmbH - a xylem brand     based in Weilheim, GERMANY

In-situ Measurement of Nitrate and Suspended Solids (optional): High-precision spectral measurement allows determination of the real nitrate value. Interfering influences caused for example by nitrite or suspended solids are easily detected due to the available spectral information and automatically taken into account or used for compensation. The ...

Model UV-9200 - UV/VIS Single Beam

by Sedico Ltd.     based in Nicosia, CYPRUS

The UV-9200 is an intelligent UV/Visible spectrophotometer that is well suited to the qualitative and quantitative analyses required by today's laboratories. With its wide wavelength range and narrow bandwidth, the instrument provides extraordinary flexibility and high resolution at an exceptional price.

Model SP-2100UV/2100UVPC - UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

by Shanghai Spectrum Instruments Co Ltd     based in Shanghai, CHINA

SP-2100UV is an intelligent UV-Vis spectrophotometer excogitated by Shanghai Spectrum, which has various functions as well as advanced instruments. The instrument contains features such as high automatization, various functions, strong plasticity, and so on. Connecting to PC, and various application functions that offered by Win-Spec software, ...

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