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Certified photometric standard solutions from Merck ensure simple, quick and accurate verification of results from water and wastewater analyses.

by Merck Millipore

Photometric test kits for in-process controls - as well as standard methods in compliance with DIN, ISO, EN, APHA or EPA - can be used to test the quality of water and wastewater simply and reliably. The methods used are checked constantly to ensure they deliver precise, reproducible results. To attain reliable analytical quality control, users ...

COD Tubetests System

by Palintest Ltd - a Halma Company

Palintest Tubetests are integrated with the Palintest photometer system so as to provide a complete system for COD measurement. Palintest COD Tubetests are offered in four ranges: 150 mg/l, 400 mg/l, 2000 mg/l and 20,000 mg/l.The reagent formulations are based on those specified in recognised international standard methods and meet the ...

Spectroquant - Wastewater Test Kits

by Merck Millipore

When it comes to industrial wastewater analysis, there is no room for error. Your testing materials must be tested as rigorously as the wastewater itself, especially within the food, beverage, chemical, and wastewater treatment industries. And that’s exactly how we at Merck designed our Spectroquant® test kits. Thanks to the thorough ...

External Quality Control with Spectroquant Round Robin Test Solutions

by Merck Millipore

Internal Quality Control (IQC) is essential, but not enough. Laboratories also need External Quality Assurance (EQA), confirmed by an impartial institute, to establish the validity and accuracy of their photometric methods and analyses. Merck Millipore makes the job easier and your results safer by offering you a complete EQA service. Our program ...

Spectroquant - Colorimeter Picco COD/CSB

by Merck Millipore

Merck has also complemented the existing capabilities of the Spectroquant® Colorimeter Picco COD/CSB with four ranges that measure chemical oxygen demand (COD): from 10 mg/l up to 10 g/l. These new ranges will benefit industry specialists, particularly those working with waste

Tubetests for Metals

by Palintest Ltd - a Halma Company

The Palintest Tubetests Metals Photometer and reagents offer a cost effective, professional system for water analysis. Tests now include copper, nickel, iron, chromium and zinc, as well as the established COD, Ammonia, Nitrate and Phosphate tests.Due to increasing pressure from European legislation there is a growing requirement to carry out ...

Tubetests for Ammonia, Nitrate & Phosphate Testing

by Palintest Ltd - a Halma Company

The Tubetests range of tests covers the principal parameters needed for environmental control of waters, effluents and waste waters, and for the testing of agricultural run-off and leachate from landfill sites. In particular, they cover the testing requirements of the UK Urban Waste Water Directive and equivalent legislation in other countries.

The First COD Cell Tests with Unlimited Chloride Tolerance

by Merck Millipore

The chloride dilemma: COD (chemical oxygen demand) measurements are regularly performed to test water for pollutants. But as many analysts know, the task is particularly difficult when the water sample contains very high chloride levels, such as with industrial wastewater or seawater. Standard COD tubes cannot be used, as chloride interferes ...

Microtox - M500 - For Toxicity Detection Analyser

by Modern Water - Monitoring Division

The Microtox Model 500 (M500) analyser is a laboratory-based, temperature-controlled, self-calibrating photometer that measures acute toxicity. Microtox M500 is a biosensor-based measurement system that uses bioluminescence technology to monitor for either accidental or deliberate contamination of both water supplies and waste water. With over ...

CPI - TiPSS Unit Mainly Used For Oil-Water Separation

by VWS MPP Systems B.V. - a Veolia Water Company

The CPI is the basic TiPSS unit mainly used for oil-water separation. The CPI holds modular -counter-current- flow plate packs executed in GRP or Stainless Steel.

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