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Lenntech - Model LT Compact Series - Ion Exchange for Softeners

by Lenntech Water Treatment

The Lenntech softeners from the LT-compact series use ion exchange to soften the water. The compact series have a compact size, all in one layout and are available with resin columns from 10L to 30l.



Water filtration is, maybe, the most common water treatment, used to remove the suspended solids or other substances.


by World Water Works, Inc.

Water's value is ever increasing. Water reuse has become economically viable in many instances. World Water Works has developed efficient filtration technology. WWW/media filters are designed to remove specific impurities. World Water Works' ceramic membrane systems can achieve filtration from fine microfiltration to Nano-Filtration levels. The ...


by Nordic Water GmbH

The DynaSand® filter is an economical system for the effective purification of water and waste water. The DynaSand® filter is a continuous sand filter which does not have to be stopped for backwashing. The water to be filtered is fed to the DynaSand® filter via a supply pipe and an inlet distributor. The water is purified by the upward flow in the ...

Ahlstrom Disruptor - Water Filtration

by Ahlstrom Filtration

Ahlstrom Disruptor is an electrodsorptive technology for water purification and filtration. Disruptor filter media removes a wide range of submicron particulates, pathogens, trace pharmaceuticals and cellular debris with its naturally occurring electropositive charge. Disruptor is specifically engineered to have this charge field cover the entire ...


by Lorivan NV

Pressure tanks for filtration and treatment of water and gases: Sandfiltration, softening, ion-exchange, mixed bedfilters, groundwatersanitation, active carbonfilters, air filtration, Oxidators for aeration

Gravity Filter

by WesTech Engineering, Inc.

Gravity filters are commonly used in applications where liquid-solids separation is required in a variety of different applications for finish water treatment. Gravity filters can incorporate various types of media such as sand, anthracite, greensand and GAC to meet each plant’s water treatment needs. In addition, gravity filters allow for ...

Activated Carbon Pressure Filters

by WesTech Engineering, Inc.

WesTech granular activated carbon (GAC) contactors are an effective means for removal of low-molecular-weight contaminants from aqueous solutions. They are especially suited for the removal of dissolved organic compounds responsible for poor taste and odor in drinking water, as well as removal of chlorine from industrial waters. When used as ...



Filtration is a method used to eliminate the impurities in water by passing it through a filter. In this chapter we will discuss particular filtration, which covers all methods of filtration which can remove particles over 1 µm in size from water.


by Guldager (Switzerland) AG

Guldager covers a large area of water filtration from back-rinsable sieve filters (20μm) up to reverse Osmosis (0.0001μm).

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