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Aquatech WATERTRAK - Sea Water Filtration Systems

by Aquatech International Corporation

Sea water media filter systems from Aquatech's WATERTRAK are used in numerous applications, including the reduction of suspended solids, particulate removal, and pretreatment to RO. We deliver the most cost-effective and timely sea water filtration solutions in the industry so your water is as pure as can be.

Water Filtration Solutions

by Canamidex International

Our screen filters have been designed and manufactured in Italy in partnership with SATI, who have been experts at solid removal from water since 1980. Research & Development supported by modern techniques of solid modeling and the use of selected high quality materials play a key role in our companyand SATI’s philosophy.

Electromedia - VIII - Sea Water Filtration System

by Filtronics, Inc.

Electromedia VIII is a unique permanent media filtration system integrating a special vessel design and proprietary media. Electromedia VIII filters suspended solids from sea water for a variety of applications including brine water injection, pre-treatment to desalinization, research facilities, and aquariums.

Electromedia - Filtration Systems

by Filtronics, Inc.

For municipal and industrial facilities, reducing costs while increasing production of pure, clean water is the number one priority. With our Electromedia coagulation filtration systems, Filtronics has created a simple, compact system that effectively and efficiently meets your treatment needs. By increasing purification efficiency, our ...

Electromedia - V - Turbidity Unique Filtration System

by Filtronics, Inc.

Electromedia V is a unique filtration system integrating a special vessel design and a proprietary media. Electromedia V is formulated for the filtration of turbid river and canal water containing high proportions of colloidal material. Electromedia V combined with alum feed will produce filtrate qualities of less than 0.3 NTU from raw water ...

Electromedia - II - Turbidity Filtration Without Aluminum

by Filtronics, Inc.

Turbidity is a measure of the cloudiness of water - the cloudier the water, the greater the turbidity. Turbidity is caused by suspended matter such as clay, silt, and organic matter as well as plankton and other microscopic organisms that interfere with the passage of light through the water.

Membrane Filtration Systems

by Severn Trent Services, Inc

There are currently four commonly accepted categories of membrane filtration systems, defined by the size of material it can remove from liquid. From the smallest to largest pore size, these are Reverse Osmosis (RO), Nanofiltration (NF), Ultrafiltration (UF), and Microfiltration (MF). Severn Trent Services offers the UAT™ line of ultrafiltration, ...

Electromedia - IV - Secondary Sewage Filtration

by Filtronics, Inc.

Electromedia IV is a unique filtration system integrating a special vessel design and a proprietary media. Electromedia IV is formulated for the filtration of secondary sewage effluent.

Electromedia - III - High Suspended Solids Filtration

by Filtronics, Inc.

High suspended solids are high concentrations of particulate matter that can cause increased sedimentation and siltation in streams or rivers. High suspended solids can come from many sources including natural erosion, runoff, agricultural practices, domestic and industrial wastewater discharge and pollution.

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