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Levelmeter And Recorder LPN 8/2

by Hydrometeorological Technical Meterials Company, Inc.

Using a built-in compact air generator, LPN 8/2 and LPN 8/3 injects a small air flow through a pressure pick-up (BUBBLE TO BUBBLE). This air pressure is applied to a SILICON MEMBRANE SENSOR which gives an electrical signal in proportion to the water height. Possible acquision and analysis of date using our software 'OMNIDRO' IBM PC compatible or ...

RO Meters - Reverse Osmosis Meters for Measuring Total Dissolved Solids

by Myron L Company

The choice of professionals for years, this compact instrument has been designed specifically to demonstrate and test Point of Use (POU) reverse osmosis or distillation systems. By measuring electrical conductivity, it will quickly determine the parts per million/Total Dissolved Solids (ppm/TDS) of any drinking water. With a single “before ...

Stevens - Contact Meter

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

Our contact meter is an ideal device for quick, portable measurement of bore holes, wells, reservoirs, and other applications where liquid level depth is needed. The probe is simply feed down and when it reaches liquid the light on the front of the unit illuminates. Depth can then be read from the easy-to-read white tape. The unit comes in several ...

Atlas - Water Harvesting System

by Atlas Water Harvesting Ltd

Water has now become a valuable commodity and with climate changes our relationship with water has fundamentally changed. Rainwater Harvesting is becoming a major consideration in all new development and renovations around the country, whether it is a self-builder or a major property developer. Rainwater harvesting is a solution which supports the ...

Schlumberger Mini-Diver - Water Level Meter and Temperature Sensor

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

The Mini-Diver provides reliable automatic measurement and registration of groundwater level and temperature data. Measuring 22 mm in diameter and 90 mm in length, it is a suitable choice for virtually any monitoring well.

Schlumberger Micro-Diver - Water Level Meter And Temperature Sensor

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

The Micro-Diver provides reliable automatic measurement and registration of groundwater level and temperature data. Measuring a slim 0.7 inches (18 mm) in diameter and 90 mm in length, the Schlumberger Micro-Diver is the smallest groundwater level sensor in its class, and a great choice for monitoring wells that are too small to accommodate larger ...

Hanna Instruments - Model HI-96753 - Chloride Meter

by DelAgua Group

Chloride ions are one of the major inorganic anions in water and wastewater. It is essential to monitor chloride concentrations in boiler systems to prevent metal parts being damaged. In high levels, chloride can corrode stainless steel. Drinking water: Chloride is a common non-toxic material present in small amounts in drinking water and produces ...

Plasma Injector - Cold Plasma Odor Control

by UNIQAIR Technologies Ltd.

Odor control by the Plasma-Injector is based on high speed oxidation. The oxidized molecules cannot be detected organoleptically, hence they do not bother the observer. The Plasma-Injector system consists of a stainless steel cabinet with Plasma Reactors. Ambient air is radiated and, as a result, the oxygen and water vapour molecules are ...

Stevens AquaTrak - Model 5000 Series - Absolute Liquid Level Sensor

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

The AquaTrak 5000 sensor provides accurate measurement of absolute liquid level in all weather conditions. Designed for rugged, unattended operation, the sensor has been field proven in adverse environments around the world for hydrology, oceanography, and hostile environment chemical and nuclear tank control systems.

Hanna Instruments - Model HI-93751 - Sulphate Meter

by DelAgua Group

Sulfate is present in natural water in varying concentations. Sulfate concentration is kept within strict (low) levels for drinking water and in the production of beverages, as it has an effect on the taste and odor of the liquids. Sulfate is often added to certain types of boilers to help precipitate calcium and magnesium and to inhibit scaling. ...

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