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Model 4 meters WATER WORN - Stone Windrower

by Pierres & Cailloux     based in Rochefort-sur-la-Côte, FRANCE

The stone windrower is used to create windrows by separating the stones from the earth; this prepares the way for the stone crusher and saves a significant amount of time. working width : 3,50 meters. transport witdh : 2.40 meters. tractor power required : 90 CV. weight: 1 244 kgs.

Model T-10 METER - Residential Water Meters

by Neptune Technology Group Inc.     based in Tallassee, ALABAMA (USA)

Neptune T-10 residential water meters are time proven for accuracy and dependability. While other mechanical-type and static-type meters are limited in low flow registration due to the technology type or through the use of an electronic low flow cutoff, the Neptune T-10 – with its nutating disc technology - can detect leaks at flow rates ...

Heron - Model Water Tape - Water Level Indicator

by HERON Instruments Inc.     based in Dundas, ONTARIO (CANADA)

A tough, economical water level meter. The low cost and durability of the water tape make it an ideal choice for well drillers, pump installers and other severe service users. The water tape is designed and built with the same attention to quality and value as other Heron Products.

t-mac - Model ESTI-Meter - Sub-Metering Device

by t-mac Technologies     based in Derbyshire, UNITED KINGDOM

ESTI-meter is the new revolutionary sub-metering device from t-mac. A self-contained unit complete with split-core CTs, the device can be installed on sub-metering points throughout your building. Connecting to your t-mac device, corporate Ethernet or GPRS network the ESTI-meter uploads real time metering data to t-mac’s online energy ...

Stevens - Contact Meter

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.     based in Portland, OREGON (USA)

Our contact meter is an ideal device for quick, portable measurement of bore holes, wells, reservoirs, and other applications where liquid level depth is needed. The probe is simply feed down and when it reaches liquid the light on the front of the unit illuminates. Depth can then be read from the easy-to-read white tape. The unit comes in several ...

Xylem - Model EXO Water Quality Sonde - EXO Water Quality Sonde

by Van Walt Limited     based in Haslemere, UNITED KINGDOM

The EXO Sonde from Xylem is a multiparameter water quality meter which can measure and log data. The EXO1 in the Van Walt rental stock will be configured to measure and log the following parameters simultaneously: pH, EC, Temperature, Redox, Dissolved Oxygen and Turbidity. When connected to the Storm 3 telemetry unit, additionally, it will also ...

Hydroponics Instrumentation - Handheld Meters, Monitors and Kit

by Myron L Company     based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Handheld meters measure TDS and/or pH. Monitor measures TDS. all instruments are easy to operate and calibrate. High degree of accuracy. Immediate results. Kit comes with solutions required to calibrate. temperature Compensated readings.

Dialysate Meters - Single And Dual Range Meters

by Myron L Company     based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Dialysate solution conductivity. Fast and accurate dialysate tests. The choice of hemodialysis professionals for over 30 years, these compact instruments have been designed specifically to test dialysate solutions. By measuring electrical conductivity, they will quickly determine if dialysate concentrations are correct.

Myron - Digital Dialysate Meters

by Myron L Company     based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Low Maintenance. EASY User Friendly Interface. Replaces up to 7 different instruments. Learn, Use and Train FAST on only one instrument for all water quality testing. FREE live technical support with little to no wait time. RELIABLE manufacturer of the original Dialysate Meter. Myron L Company has served hemodialysis professionals for over 40 ...

Multical - Model 21 - Water Meters

by Kamstrup A/S     based in Skanderborg, DENMARK

MULTICAL 21 is used for measure-ment of cold and hot water consump-tion in households and blocks of flats as well as industry. Ultrasonic flow measurement guarantees pinpoint measuring accura-cy and longevity. Ultrasonic flow measurement is based on the transit time method, and all measurements, references, readings, calculations and data ...

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