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Lenntech Fleck - Softener Duplex System

by Lenntech Water Treatment

can provide you ionexchange softeners for largecapacity industrial application, from3 m3/h to 70 m3/h with a operationof 24h/24.

DI-SEP - Softeners

by Smith & Loveless Inc.

Smith & Loveless’ DI-SEP Ion Exchange systems remove dissolved calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg), which are largely responsible for the scale formation tendencies in most waters. The DI-SEP Ion Exchange Systems are also used for the removal of nitrates, radon and silica.

Aquasoft Softner

by Morf India Limited

Softening is the process of bringing down the hardness content in the water. The design of the plant is based on two factors. Total hardness present in the water and the desired output between regeneration. In a softener, the salts which induce hardness in the water are substituted by another soft salt through a process termed as ion exchange. ...

Corodex - Water Softner

by Concorde – Corodex Group

Reduction and removal of calcium and magnesium hardness. Various types of hardness removal softeners with different control and automation options are available. Material construction of softeners tanks includes: rubber or special epoxy coated steel, stainless steel and polyethylene lined fiberglass. Hardness exchange resins used are only from ...

ProMinent - DMEb RC Domestic Series - Water Softeners

by ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH

Due to their design, ProMinent domestic type water softeners are suitable for intermittent, automatic work. During regeneration time they do not provide soft water. The system is volume controlled, which means that the regeneration of the exhausted ion-exchange resin bed is regulated by a built-in water meter. No continuous supervision is required ...

Ecodolce Water Softner

by Blugeo

ECODOLCE is an eco-friendly water softener able to effectively decalcify water and prevent limescale from depositing in water pipes and on surfaces. This is achieved by replacing the calcium and magnesium ions, which cause limescale to form, with sodium ions, which do not tend to precipitate in the pipes, thus improving the efficiency of ...

Nuwave - Industrial Water Softners

by Zephyr Water Treatments Services Ltd

We offer a wide range of Nuwave Industrial Water Softners, these Water Softners will eliminate the build up of limescale in your pipes and on heating elements found in industrial hot water and heating systems as well as equipment including industrial dishwashers, glasswashers and washing machines, leading to fewer expensive engineer call-outs and ...

Salt Free Water Softener

by Filter Butler

Eco-friendly scale prevention for your entire house without the hassle and harmful effects of salt. Proven to reduce scale by 99.6% our Salt Free Water Softener extends the life of your plumbing and appliances and can even help reduce existing buildup, prolonging the life of your home assets.

SF-900F Series - Commercial Water Softeners

by Pure Aqua, Inc.

The SF-900F Series Twin Water Softener System has a greater commercial operating capacity and takes up less space than other systems on the market. The combination of the two mineral tanks and the larger brine tank provide you with 24 hours of continuous soft water. By setting the capacity dial, based on the water hardness in your area, the unit ...

SF-150S Series - Commercial Water Softeners

by Pure Aqua, Inc.

The SF-150S Series water softener is designed specifically to remove high levels of dissolved solids that create “hard water” conditions, principally Calcium and Magnesium. These systems have a very high operating capacity, which make them ideal for most commercial and industrial applications.

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