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Water Softener

by Mojan Engineering Co.     based in Tehran, IRAN

A water softener is one type of many ion exchange devices used for water improvement. It has many useful applications in water treatment. For example, it does a good job of removing moderate amounts of iron from well water if the pH of the water is low. But its most common use is the removal of the 'hardness' ions of calcium and magnesium. Mojan ...

Purolite - Model C120E - Domestic Water Softening - Potable Use

by Purolite Corporation     based in Bala Cynwyd, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Basic Features: Application - Domestic Water Softening - Potable Use, Polymer Structure - Gel polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene, Appearance - Spherical beads, Functional Group - Sulfonic acid, Ionic Form as Shipped - Na+

Simplex - Model 5600 - Water Softener

by AllWater Technologies Ltd (AWT)     based in Rooksbridge, UNITED KINGDOM

Simplex Water Softeners are best suited to applications where there is a steady demand for moderate capacities of softened water over the course of a normal working day. Regeneration, during which time no supply to service is available, is then programmed to occur at a time when there is no demand (typically during the night). For this reason, ...

Duplex - Model 9000 - Water Softener

by AllWater Technologies Ltd (AWT)     based in Rooksbridge, UNITED KINGDOM

Duplex softeners are ideal for sites with varying water demand or for applications where a continuous and uninterrupted supply of softened water is required. The twin vessel configuration allows for one resin vessel to always be in service whilst the other is in regeneration or standby thus guaranteeing 24/7 soft water production.

AquaFilter - Model AF-30-VT - Water Softeners

by Aquafilter, Inc.     based in Sparks, MARYLAND (USA)

AQUAFILTER AF-30-VT water softener will solve all problems associated with hard water in household applications. The device utilizes FDA-grade sodium based strongly acidic ion-exchange resin which reduces calcium and magnesium ion content in water.

Puricom - Water Softener

by Electrical & Pump Services Ltd (EPS)     based in Mallow, IRELAND

The Puricom water softener range targets mainstream residential applications. Incorporating the robust Autotrol valve, these units are ideal for well water applications.

Kinetico - Model 2020c - Water Softeners

by Kinetico     based in Køge, DENMARK

The Kinetico 2020c water softener is the world's smallest, most tried and tested non-electric, block salt, twin cylinder water softener which comes with a 10 year parts warranty. The 2020c is one of our best-selling products as there is nothing to plug in, no buttons to push or timers to set and reset.

Kinetico - Model 2050c - Water Softeners

by Kinetico     based in Køge, DENMARK

Non-electric, high performance water softener for the above average household. Non-electric water softener. Twin-tank design for continuous soft water.

Water Softeners

by Shiva Global Environmental Pvt. Ltd     based in New Delhi, INDIA

Our customers can avail an unparalleled range of Water Softeners from us. The offered range of water softeners aids in acquiring refined and filtered water. Along with this, the offered range of water softeners is recommended for treating hard water avoiding all damage to the body as well as storage tanks and vessels. The offered range is widely ...

Nelsen - Water Softeners

by Nelsen Corporation     based in Norton, OHIO (USA)

Nelsen Corporation systems are custom assembled to your exact specifications.  Only quality components from leading U.S. manufacturers like Fleck Controls, G.E. Osmonics, Structural, Clack, Enpress, Purolite and others are incorporated into every design.

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