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Ovivo Copa - Tipping Bucket Tank Flushing

by Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies)

Copa tipping buckets are a cost effective solution for the cleaning of rectangular storm tanks. These automatic flushing systems remove the need for the manual or mechanical cleaning of storm water holding tanks, thereby removing any associated health and safety dangers. This design provides a simple and cost effective solution, which is virtually ...

Drinking Water Holding Tanks

by Portable Tank Group, Inc.

Our drinking water holding tanks for potable water use range from personal sized 10 liter - 2.5 gallon handi tanks. 10 liter handi tanks for emergencies to industrial sized 1,000,000 million liter - 250,000 gallons (bulk liquid storage tanks)and are well suited for demanding climates. Our most popular water tanks are our commercial grade portable ...

Specialty Plastic Holding Water Tanks

by Portable Tank Group, Inc.

Plastic holding tanks come in three unique shapes and sizes so your drinking water storage can be more flexible and efficient. Each plastic holding tank offers different advantages and storage capacities ranging from 375 gallons to 2400 gallons. The 375 and 400 gallon water tanks are designed specifically to fit through the standard doorway, ...

Natural Enviro - 2000 - Holding Tank Treatment

by Natural Environmental Systems, LLC

Natural Enviro 2000 Holding Tank Treatment is an all natural microbial based holding tank treatment for RVs, boats and other waste holding tanks. The bacteria in Natural Enviro 2000 will breakdown and digest organic waste, tissue, hair and grease, keeping your holding tank in optimum condition, reducing line clogs and easing pump-outs. The ...

Water Tanks

by G.P. Fiberglass Ltd.

GP Fiberglass Ltd. offers a wide variety of water holding solutions for our customers. Shown below is a list of the tanks we offer which come in a variety of sizes for various needs. Please see our catalog or phone for more information.

HTI - Sewage Holding Tanks

by HTI Systems, Inc. / WeDoTanks.com LLC

HTI has helped to define the market for precast concrete tanks and construction methods. Over twenty years of experience have gone into our design for sewage holding tanks, and it shows in the quality of the product and in our roster of clients. Every new wastewater treatment plant, industrial wastewater system, or agricultural waste facility ...

Water Holding Lawn And Garden Tanks

by Granite Environmental, Inc

These lawn and garden water holding tanks are the perfect tank to use when you have smaller or less demanding jobs. Manufactured with a hose wrap that is completely molded into the tank, various models have this plastic tank have been used in agricultural settings as sprayers or water hauling units.

ModuTank - Nuclear and Wastewater Holding Tanks

by ModuTank Inc.

ModuTank, Inc. has been renowned for producing heavy duty, low cost, and innovative EconoTanks, Custom and Holding Tanks, and other storage and containment systems. Our products are appropriate for various applications such as agricultural, industrial, commercial, or environmental, among others. We also offer nuclear wastewater tanks for ...

Wastewater Treatment Systems

by Aqueonics, Inc.

Alternating Aerobic/Anaerobic Trickling Filter. Extended Aeration. Sequence Batch Reactor (SBR). Activated Sledge. High Quality Effluent (HQE) Single Use System. Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC).

Hot Water Tanks

by Granite Environmental, Inc

Highland Hot Water Tanks are ASME code certified for use in commercial and industrial applications where a constant supply of hot water is desired. Water can be heated and stored in the water holding tank during periods of low demand and will then be available for use when demand for hot water is higher, allowing for efficient use of energy while ...

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