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SUNTRANS - Integrated Weather Monitoring System

by Guangzhou Suntrans Measurement & Control System Co., Ltd.     based in Guangzhou City, CHINA

Integrated weather monitoring system is developed by SUNTRANS which can monitor wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, temperature, pressure and forecast weather. The system adopts standard components design, so it can choose the components according to the users’ requirement.

Q-Net Integrated Weather Monitoring System

by Hydrometeorological Technical Meterials Company, Inc.     based in Dong Da Dist., VIETNAM

Net Integrated Systems are a straight-forward solution to the integration problems faced when building an environmental monitoring system for a specific application. The network design of Q-Net provides a flexible framework for assembling any size system from a single sensor system to a complex multi-parameter array. The building blocks of Q-Net ...

Climatronics - Model PSD/SRDT - Weather System

by Climatronics Corporation     based in Bohemia, NEW YORK (USA)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidelines assist operators of potential air pollution sources in complying with the 1977/1990 Clean Air Act Amendments. Operators are required to gather ambient air quality measurements, including meteorological data, at the site of the new air pollution source to estimate its impact on the vicinity and ...

Climatronics - Model PARTAC - Tactical Particulate Profiler

by Climatronics Corporation     based in Bohemia, NEW YORK (USA)

PARTAC is a rugged, reliable size-selective tactical particulate profiler designed for use as an NBC agent alarm trigger, an ambient monitor for public and work environments, and as a ground-truth reference for the verification of standoff particulate detectors. It simultaneously monitors airborne particle counts in up to eight user selectable ...

a-Weather - Weather Stations

by a-Lab Ltd.     based in Keuruu, FINLAND

With a-Lab Ltd, weather stations measurements are always available in real time, wherever and whenever they are required. Thanks to the latest wireless technology, a-Weather stations are very easy to install. The placement of a-Weather stations is not limited by cables or radio link distance. The stations obtain their operating power from solar ...

Climatronics - Model Wind Mark III - Wind Sensors

by Climatronics Corporation     based in Bohemia, NEW YORK (USA)

Climatronics' Wind Mark III (WM-III) Wind Sensors combine accuracy and reliability with low cost. They also meet the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) requirements and are well suited for general wind monitoring applications. The WM-III sensor is also available as a wind speed only (P/N 100108-1) ...

Climatronics - Industrial Weather Station

by Climatronics Corporation     based in Bohemia, NEW YORK (USA)

In many industries the ability to accurately monitor, assess and record ambient meteorological conditions can be of vital importance to improving operating efficiency and productivity, minimizing downtime and overhead, and settling complaints or litigation. Climatronics Corporations Industrial Weather Stations provide complete and continuous data ...

Delta-T - Model WS-GP2 - Advanced Automatic Weather Station System

by Delta-T Devices Ltd     based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM

The new advanced WS-GP2 Automatic Weather Station is based on the powerful GP2 Data Logger. It is an ideal solution for research and environmental monitoring applications - especially unattended weather recording at remote and exposed sites. It provides a highly rugged and flexible system - users can select the optimal combination of sensors, ...

Climatronics - Model WM III Ten Meter - Basic Weather Systems

by Climatronics Corporation     based in Bohemia, NEW YORK (USA)

WM III Ten Meter Basic Weather System includes: Battery-operated 10-meter system with data logger or universal interface module (UIM). Operates on AC or DC power. Data logger or UIM card provides the power and interface for the sensors. Data can be recorded remotely, on site with the logger or to a local PC with the UIM and WeatherView software. ...

WeatherLog Aervideo - Weather Data for Airport Advisories

by RainWise Inc.     based in Trenton, MAINE (USA)

The WeatherLog Aervideo provides easy to read weather data for airport advisories.

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