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Deep Well System

by Griffin Dewatering

The deep well system is also a versatile predrainage dewatering system which can pump high and low volumes of groundwater. This method is best suited to homogeneous aquifers that extend well below the bottom of the excavation. Deep well systems consist of one or more individual wells, each of which has its own submersible pump at the bottom of the ...

Proactive Tempest - Pump

by Argus-Hazco

The Engineered Plastic Tempest pump is capable of pumping up to 60 feet from ground level by simply connecting it to a 12 volt battery. Its reliable design is suitable for continuous sampling and purging of groundwater wells.

TWS 2250HD - Well Service-Stimulation Pumps

by Weir Oil & Gas Division

The TWS 2250HD is the most powerful triplex in Weir SPM's line of well service pumps. This staple of the Weir SPM line of well service pumps offers great pressure and flow ratings in a smaller package than the large quintuplex pumps offered by Weir SPM.

QWS 1000S - Well Service-Stimulation Pumps

by Weir Oil & Gas Division

The QWS 1000S offers a similar design as the TWS 600S with its small footprint, but offers a larger power output. The QWS 1000S can also be set up in the back-to-back configuration to perform acidizing, cementing, gravel packing, and snubbing operations.

TWS 2400 - Well Service-Stimulation Pumps

by Weir Oil & Gas Division

The TWS 2400 is a recently developed frac pump designed to better handle the extreme operating conditions seen in the unconventional gas formations, such as the Haynesville Shale. The pump offers higher rod load and pressure ratings compared to previous offerings. The TWS 2400 has successfully completed a 1.5 millions cycle test proving its ...

TWS 2500 - Well Service-Stimulation Pumps

by Weir Oil & Gas Division

Weir SPM's Destiny TWS 2500 is designed for operation in today's harshest multistage frac applications with a 2500 horsepower rating, 273,000 lb rod load, and 10' stroke. The longer stroke requires fewer cycles to produce an equivalent flow rate compared to an 8' stroke quintuplex pump; resulting in less overall wear on expendables and improved ...

TWS 600S - Well Service-Stimulation Pumps

by Weir Oil & Gas Division

The TWS 600S offers a versatile small footprint pump that can perform a variety of duties for the well service industry. The unique design features an offset crankshaft / crosshead design which substantially reduces the load on both the crosshead and crosshead guides as well as the main roller bearings supporting the crankshaft. The TWS 600S can ...

Vertical Turbine - Deep Well Pumps

by National Pump Company

National Pump can cover all of your deep well needs, from precisely matched discharge heads, tubeline assemblies and column pipe, to custom impellers and bowl assemblies to deliver consistent pumping capacity.National Pumps are hard at work around the world providing dependable service to municipal water systems, agricultural irrigation, mining ...

Deep Well Lineshaft Turbine

by Global Pumps & Equipment, Ltd.

Gicon Pumps & Equipment, Ltd. is a premier distributor of Gould’s vertical turbines. GPE Engineered Products Division has the capability to design, assemble, and test each unit to ensure quality and conditions of service are met.

QED - Bladder Pump

by Argus-Hazco

QED bladder pump can sample at depths of up to 250 feet. The pump is designed to fit in a 2' or larger well (pump diameter is 1 3/4'. Must be rented with the MP10 Controller and 3020 Compressor. QED MP30 Drawdown meter can be used with the QED bladder pump, controller and compressor. In addition to serving as a 'low-level shut-off', the MP30 also ...

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