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Maestro - Wireless Brass Wind Set

by Scientific Sales, Inc.     based in Lawrenceville, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Scientific Sales is pleased to offer the first and only meter driven wireless wind speed and direction instrument. This wireless version of our popular Maestro instrument operates at a powerful 900mhz which allows for up to 300' transmission distance between sensor and read-out, in typical residential installations. When wind conditions change, ...

Vortex - MAST - Wind site development simulation

by Vortex     based in Barcelona, SPAIN

Vortex MAST has been designed for the preliminary stages of wind site development, when the investment risk is highest. Vortex MAST provides 1 or 20-year statistics at any location world-wide estimated with Microscale resolution (100m), at a small fraction of the price and delivery time of a real mast installation.

Vortex - Farm

by Vortex     based in Barcelona, SPAIN

Probably, the most complete wind power modelling product on the market: long-term (30 years) main statistics at any point within the area of your planned wind farm plus high-resolution (up to 100m) temperature, mean wind, extreme wind (Vref) and turbulence maps. Determine the Class of your Site according to IEC standards and estimate ...

Merlin - Wireless Brass Digital Wind Set

by Scientific Sales, Inc.     based in Lawrenceville, NEW JERSEY (USA)

This digital instrument with a 'brain' records changes and trends as well as present wind speed and wind direction conditions. Wind Readings are given in four modes: Present, Peak, Average, and Forecast. Includes 6.5' Solid Brass Case and 3 cup type anemometer and wind vane. No cables to run makes it easier than ever to bring the weather ...

Model Max Sirocco & Gispen - Compact Anemometer Windmeters

by Wittich & Visser     based in Rijswijk, NETHERLANDS

Max Sirocco: A compact anemometer that registers wind speeds to 100 mph. Mounted in a mahogany-stained solid maple block and factory calibrated to ±3% of full scale for accuracy. Self-powered by rooftop sensor, with white graphics on black dial for excellent readability. Gispen: For measurement and display of wind direction Gispen wind vane ...

Model 140 - Wind Display Indicator

by Belfort Instruments     based in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA)

The Belfort Digital Wind Display is the standard wind display for the Belfort Model 140A Anemometer. The Belfort Digital Display is suitable for flush mount and or optional case mounting.

Delta-T - Model WS-GP2 - Advanced Automatic Weather Station System

by Delta-T Devices Ltd     based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM

The new advanced WS-GP2 Automatic Weather Station is based on the powerful GP2 Data Logger. It is an ideal solution for research and environmental monitoring applications - especially unattended weather recording at remote and exposed sites. It provides a highly rugged and flexible system - users can select the optimal combination of sensors, ...

RainWise - Model MK-III - Oracle Display for Wireless Weather Station

by RainWise Inc.     based in Trenton, MAINE (USA)

The Oracle Display for the MK-III Wireless Weather Station receives the weather instrument data via radio signal from the sensor assembly.

Delta-T - Model WS-GP1 - Compact Weather Station

by Delta-T Devices Ltd     based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM

WS-GP1 Compact Automatic Weather Station ; Compact all-in-one weather station, Highly portable, Unattended weather recording at remote and exposed sites.

Weather Stations

by Environmental Monitoring     based in Kendal, UNITED KINGDOM

Environmental monitoring supply a range of professional weather monitoring systems. The basic monitoring system monitors: Wind Direction (rose chart format), Wind speed. In addition to this additional sensor can be added on an monitored remotely.

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