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by Transmatic Group

Transmatic provides highly effective and complete solutions to improve the air quality and work environment in your facility. The Transmatic team will design, build, install, support and provide preventive maintenance for a system that meets your needs. In keeping with industry’s demand for cleanliness, better working environment and efficiency we ...

RAE MiniRAE - 2000 PID - Programmable Personal VOC Detector

by Argus-Hazco

RAE Systems' MiniRAE is a programmable personal VOC detector that provides individualized protection when working in hazardous environments that require continuous monitoring of exposure to Organic Vapors. The MiniRAE features a 400 ml/min. piston pump and advanced datalogging capabilities including a real-time clock. The rental unit is PC ...

Sauereisen SewerGard - No. 210FS - Fast-Setting Epoxy Material for Use in Municipal Wastewater Environments

by Sauereisen Inc

New fast-setting SewerGard enables limited downtime. Sauereisen SewerGard No. 210FS is a fast-setting epoxy material for use in municipal wastewater environments. This lining protects concrete surfaces from chemical attack and physical abuse. It is particularly useful for protection of manhole benches, inverts and other structures subject to very ...

NECi - AtNaR-2 + NADH - Reagent Packs

by The Nitrate Elimination Co., Inc. (NECi)

Superior Stock AtNaR + NADH Packs For Your Laboratory. Packs include 1.0 unit of AtNaR-2 plus calibrated quantities of reaction cofactors (freeze-dried form). Recombinant Plant NADH Nitrate Reductase (AtNaR-2). For analysis run between 20 – 45°C. Highly stable in working solution. Each pack sufficient for 20-50 assays, depending on your ...

Round Electromagnetic Lift

by Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

Round Electro Lifting Magnets(RELM) provide concentrated holding power and a deep reaching magnetic field to lift thick, ferrous items. These electromagnetic lifts are an extremely valuable material handling tool. The RELM's durable construction makes them suitable for working in most environments handling thick, non-flexing items such as, steel ...

Furnace Camera

by Tetronics (International) Ltd

Through many years of working with high temperature applications, Tetronics has developed a range of cameras suitable for viewing furnace environments. Many of these cameras are based on Tetronics highly successful plasma torch design philosophy, with the working parts of the camera protected by a water cooled sleeve and purged with gases to suit ...

NECi - AtNaR-2 - Nitrate Reductase

by The Nitrate Elimination Co., Inc. (NECi)

Superior Stock AtNaR For Your Laboratory. Recombinant Plant NADH Nitrate Reductase (AtNaR-2). For analysis run between 20 – 45°C. Highly stable in working solution. Recombinantly manufactured in Pichia pastoris: Consistent, Reliable. Shelf-life of up to 6 months at room temperature. Highest Specific Activity AtNaR-2 on the market. ...

DTBP - S-500 - Organic Peroxides

by United Initiators, Inc.

DTBP (Di(tert.butyl)peroxid) is one of the most versatile organic peroxides, used in many completely different applications, such as polymerisation, polymer crosslinking, chemical synthesis, polymer degradation, fuel additive etc. The new DTBP S-500 reduces the risk of electrostatic discharge during handling operations and contributes ...

NECi Thermo Scientific - DA-NPk-103 - Reagents for High Capacity Discrete Analyzers

by The Nitrate Elimination Co., Inc. (NECi)

Compatible with High Capacity Tabletop Discrete Analyzers such as Thermo Scientific (Konelab) Arena and Aquakem. Contact us for Information to Design a Kit Tailored to Your Machine If Not Listed Above. AtNaR-2 & NADH Reagents for minimum 300 Assays. Packs include 3.0 units of AtNaR-2 (freeze-dried form), 2mg NADH (solid form), and 1 vial of ...

ProOperator Apron for High Pressure Cleaning and Hydraulics Protection

by TST Sweden AB

The full area of the Apron has built-in protection. Good alternative protection in warm environments and for example working at a hydraulics test bench. The position of the Apron can be changed with the adjustable unique shoulderband that gives excellent comfort. Very easy to put on and take off. Recommended for work on flat surfaces. Often used ...

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