- Corrosion Inhibitors for Closed and Semi-Closed Cooling Systems

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Korrodex - Corrosion Inhibitors for Closed and Semi-Closed Cooling Systems
Kurita´s broad range of hardness stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors, dispersants and anti-freeze for closed and semi-closed cooling systems.
  • Korrodex corrosion inhibitors especially developed for closed systems containing iron, aluminum or brass
  • Korrodex hardness stabilizers and dispersants especially for closed cooling systems with a perfect long-term effect due to a high thermal stability: they form a protective layer on metallic surfaces and inhibit the deposition of calcium carbonate and other components which could promote corrosion.
  • Korrodex steam-volatile oxygen scavengers for warm and hot water systems, feed and boiler water; highly reactive even at low temperatures. It has no impact on the conductivity of boiler water
  • Korrodex anti-freezing additives for industrial low temperature cooling systems, with high stability components, and corrosion inhibitors for a comprehensive treatment of your system.
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Chemical Water Treatment for cooling and processing water

An optimal heat transfer is the most important point in every water cooled process. Scale, corrosion and biofouling negatively affect the heat transfer. Therefore Kurita Water Solutions develops for cooling and process water systems customised solutions, often based on the combined treatments of scale prevention, corrosion inhibition, fouling prevention and biocides.

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