- Model 6100 - Advanced Liquid Level Sensor

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Stevens Levelpro - Model 6100 - Advanced Liquid Level Sensor

The Levelpro 6100 advanced liquid level sensor is ideally suited to accurately measure pressure in gas bubbler systems used for water level determination. For process industry applications where instrumentation cannot be in contact with the liquid, the 6100 can be used remotely from the liquid being measured and features a level to volume conversion for typical container shapes.

Operating Principle

The 6100 levelpro determines water/ liquid level by measuring backpressure of a gas bubbler system. A low cost plastic tube is submersed in the fluid to be measured and purged with inert gas. The pressure of the 'head' of water above the tube orifice is the same as can be measured up at the 'dry' end where the pressure is measured and converted to head of liquid. The key advantage of this technique of level measurement is that the electronics are remote from the fluid, ensuring long term reliability, low risk and reliability.


  • Accuracy better than +/- 0.05% of full scale
  • Compact, robust design
  • Simultaneous analog or digital data output
  • Integrated LCD display and keypad
  • Ranges 0 to 16.4 ft or 0 to 229.7 ft (0-5 m or 0-70 m)
  • Stage - volume conversion

Application/Industries Served

  • River, irrigation channel water level and discharge monitoring
  • Groundwater level and landfill monitoring
  • Dam, tank and reservoir levels
  • Tidal monitoring
  • Waste water monitoring
  • Flood warning systems
  • Process industry liquid level
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