Model LOA-005 - Long Baseline Optical Anemometer And Turbulence Sensor

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Model LOA-005 - Long Baseline Optical Anemometer And Turbulence Sensor

The Long Baseline Optical Anemometer and Turbulence Sensor measures the path-averaged crosswind and turbulence along distances up to 10 kilometers. Designed for outdoor use, it mounts on tripods for rapid setup, and is completely eye-safe. The LOA is ideal for outdoor environmental monitoring where general mass emissions measurements are required. As an emergency response tool, the LOA provides key crosswind data for perimeter monitoring. The LOA has demonstrated many uses in the realm of airport safety such as detecting and measuring: wake vortex of jet engines, microbursts, downdrafts, and wind shear.


Based on optical scintillation technology, its optics ‘see’ the always present temperature and density variation in small parcels of air as they move through the infrared beam. For applications where wind field direction is also needed, two systems can be setup in an “X” pattern. By surrounding an area with three or more end-to-end links, even the vertical component can be measured. The LOATM provides true remote sensing of cross winds and turbulence in all weather conditions.

OSI’s patented LOATM sensors are based on advanced technology tested and approved by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Environmental Technology Laboratories (ETL) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


  • Path-Averaged result; No large sensor array
  • NOAA / ETL Proven Technology
  • No Moving Parts
  • Measures Wind Speed & Optical Turbulence
  • Eye-Safe Infrared Beam
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Insensitive to Acoustic & EMI noise
  • Links directly to PC - Simple ASCII Data Format

Typical Applications

  • Environmental: Fence Line Monitoring, Plume Dispersion, Emergency Response
  • Micrometeorology: Convergence/Divergence, Diffusion Studies
  • Airport Safety: Runway Cross Wind, Downdrafts/Microbursts, Airfield Turbulence, Wake Vortex
  • Weapons Testing: Laser Propagation, Artillery Trajectory, Chemical Dispersion

The new-generation LOA-005 uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology for enhanced accuracy and response. It is completely compatible with LOA-004.

LOA-005 Advantages

  • True path-averaged crosswind and turbulence remote measurement
  • Ultra low wind threshold –– 0.01 m/s
  • Field proven scintillation technology
  • High reliability / Low maintenance
  • DSP based – no field calibration needed
  • Unaffected by dust buildup on lenses
  • Rugged, all-weather design
  • Transmitter can be battery powered
  • Easy permanent or temporary install Continuous self diagnostics & test



  • Turbulence Dynamic Range: 1E-16 to 1E-12 m -2/3
  • Turbulence Path Length: .3 to 3 km
  • Wind Dynamic Range: 0.1 to 40 m/s
  • Wind Path Length: .3 to 10 km


  • Power Requirements: Factory Selectable: 100/110/220/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Signal Output: RS-232 ASCII


  • Temperature Range: -40 to 60° C
  • Humidity Range: 0-100%
  • Precipitation/Dust : NEMA-4 type protection


  • Transmitter Head Size: 600 x 180 x 260 mm (23.6 x 7.1 x 10.24 in.)
  • Transmitter Head Weight: 8 kg (17.64 lbs)
  • Receiver Head Size: 600 x 360 x 260 mm(23.6 x 14.2 x 10.24 in)
  • Receiver Head Weight: 10 kg (22.05 lbs)
  • Enclosure Size: 510 x 405 x 290 mm (20.1 x 16 x 11.14 in)
  • Enclosure Weight: 12 kg (26.5 lbs)
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