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Intellair - Damper Control Unit for Air Control System

by Inteliair Ltd     based in Bath, UNITED KINGDOM

Specifically designed to operate with the Intellair Control Unit. The Damper Control Unit capable of connecting either via RS485 or wirelessly to the Intellair Control Unit and capable of operating both Intellair Dampers and 3rd Party actuator operated dampers. Available in two damper styles.

Model UB-FFS - Ultra-Brightness Fringe Field Switching

by Merck Millipore     based in Darmstadt, GERMANY

UB-FFS is short for Ultra-Brightness Fringe Field Switching. It is a further development of FFS and an LCD technology, in particular for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs.

Spectroquant Move 100 - Robust, rapid and reliable Mobile Colorimeter

by Merck Millipore     based in Darmstadt, GERMANY

The Spectroquant® Move 100 Mobile Colorimeter is the ideal instrument for on-site waste water and drinking water analysis. No delays, no risk of sample deterioration and no need for additional instruments. - Pre-programmed for over 100 test parameters- Wide choice of measuring ranges - Dust and waterproof according to IP 68 ...

Prepsolv - Solvents optimized for preparative Chromatography

by Merck Millipore     based in Darmstadt, GERMANY

Prepsolv® solvents are tailored to the requirements of preparative HPLC to facilitate scale-up from analytical to preparative separations. - Extremely low evaporation residue (< 1 mg/l) - Low water content - Optimal protection for columns Prepsolv® solvents for large-scale application are supplied in returnable stainless steel barrels, ...

Certipur - Reference Materials for AAS and ICP

by Merck Millipore     based in Darmstadt, GERMANY

Merck Millipore’s high-quality Certipur reference materials for AAS and ICP comprise AAS standards and auxiliaries (including AAS standards dissolved in oil for the analysis of non-aqueous matrices) as well as single-element and multi-element standards for ICP. Moreover, we provide standards as Titrisol concentrates.

LiChrosolv solvents - high-perfomance solvents for HPLC and LC-MS

by Merck Millipore     based in Darmstadt, GERMANY

For analytical HPLC, Merck Millipore provides LiChrosolv® solvents in 'isocratic grade' and 'gradient grade'. Gradient grade LiChrosolv® solvents enable you to minimize the gradient effect of the solvent involved (for example in enantiomeric separations on chiral phases) and are suitable for UPLC and UHPLC: Minimal baseline noise, Low ...

Certipur - Reference Material for Reliable Calibration in pH Measurement

by Merck Millipore     based in Darmstadt, GERMANY

Accuracy of pH measurement results are directly affected by the buffer reference materials used in calibration. Merck Millipore offers you a distinguished range of buffer solutions and substances for the exact calibration of your pH measurement equipment. Using Merck Millipore’s Certipur® reference materials, you benefit from maximum ...

Caustic Alkalis and Bases for Pharmacopoeia Analysis

by Merck Millipore     based in Darmstadt, GERMANY

Caustic alkalis and bases for analysis EMSURE are our premium grade for all regulated and highly demanding lab applications. Merck Millipore’s product range of caustic alkalis for pharmacopoeia analysis includes sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide pellets in various purity grades as well as ammonia solution. All these high-quality ...

MagniSolv - Deuterated Solvents for NMR

by Merck Millipore     based in Darmstadt, GERMANY

Merck Millipore offers solvents with deuteration degrees between 98 % and 99.96 %. The water content is specified according to both Karl Fischer and NMR. - Reliable results save time and give trust by o Excellent chemical purity and highest isotopic enrichment o Reliable deuteration grades o Clear and clean baselines o Determination of water ...

EMSURE - Reagents for Regulated and Demanding Applications

by Merck Millipore     based in Darmstadt, GERMANY

Reliable. Global. Compliant. These are the hallmarks of all EMSURE® products. Whether for complex applications or routine analyses, our premium grade salts, acids, caustics and solvents guarantee efficiency and accuracy. EMSURE® exceeds international guidelines. Analyzed for up to 70 parameters, our reagents give you full control of test ...

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