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Intellair - Programmable Logic Controller for Air Control System

by Inteliair Ltd     based in Bath, UNITED KINGDOM

Intellair is a programmable logic controller (PLC) controlled intelligent air control system that optimises the efficiency of dust extraction, fume extraction and ventilation systems by continually monitoring demand and regulating the extraction or supply of air in accordance with that demand. The system has been designed by air movement ...

Intellair - Damper Control Unit for Air Control System

by Inteliair Ltd     based in Bath, UNITED KINGDOM

Specifically designed to operate with the Intellair Control Unit. The Damper Control Unit capable of connecting either via RS485 or wirelessly to the Intellair Control Unit and capable of operating both Intellair Dampers and 3rd Party actuator operated dampers. Available in two damper styles.

Intellair - Air Control System - Control Unit

by Inteliair Ltd     based in Bath, UNITED KINGDOM

The InteliairTM intelligent air control system is a highly developed control system designed to optimise the operation of any air distribution network installed in commercial and industrial premises. The system is applicable to any system which involves the movement of air though ducts to either extract fumes or dust or distribute air. The control ...

Intellair - Current Sensing Switch for Air Control System

by Inteliair Ltd     based in Bath, UNITED KINGDOM

A 24v switch designed to sense current flow through a cable serving a machine thus sensing demand.

Titan - Model 60 - Ozone Generator

by Absolute Systems Inc.     based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Product Characteristics: Ozone Production: 3.0 ppd (60 g/h). Max. Ozone Production: Up to 4.0 ppd (76 g/h)**. Nominal Working Pressure: 25 psig (20-100 psig optional, see 'Info & Prices' for details). Concentration (% by weight O3): 5 -12%,. Gas flow rate: 0.1 - 16 slpm.

EUROPELEC - Model AQUAFEN - Floating High Speed Surface Aerator

by EUROPELEC     based in Paris, FRANCE

Specially designed to float, the AQUAFEN High Speed turbines / surface aerator is suitable for all environment types and is easy to install and maintain.

Andritz MEWA - Model UC - Rotary Shear

by ANDRITZ MeWa GmbH     based in Gechingen, GERMANY

Wherever bulk is reduced, and waste prepared for incineration, or old materials broken down for subsequent processing, the products series UNI-CUT UC will be behind any successful recycling process. Whether bulky refuse, old tyres, textile or metallic parts - the rotary shear is in its element. Irresistibly powerful and unbelievably stubborn. ...

ROVAPO® - Zero Liquid Discharge Technology

by SYMBIONA SA     based in Warszawa, POLAND

ROVAPO® is a family of “zero-discharge” systems, allowing full recovery of water from industrial sewage and leachate. This widely acknowledged solution an answer to the problems of the aerospace, automotive, electroplating, high-tech and shale gas industries. It is well-suited for every industrial sewage with high salt content, heavy metals and ...

KAHL - Wood Pelleting Plants

by Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG     based in Reinbek, GERMANY

KAHL WOOD PELLETING - A high quality awareness establishes KAHL on the wood pellet market. For more than 30 years Kahl has dealt with this product and can offer a sophisticated process for the production of high-quality pellets with very good combustibility, now.

Distek - Model PrepEngine - Content Uniformity / Sample Preparation

by Distek, Inc.     based in North Brunswick, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The PrepEngine was developed through collaborations with leaders in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry to speed up the sample preparation process. The result - a process that is ultra-fast with multiple drives so up to 10 samples can be prepared in parallel.

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