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Impulse - Model EMF - Meter / Electromagnetic Field Detector

by Soeks USA, LLC     based in FLORIDA (USA)

Since electromagnetic fields are not perceptible to the human eye, with the help of SOEKS Impulse EMF Meter, one can safeguard their family from potentially dangerous electromagnetic fields that are nearby. If you’re within the proximity of big cities, airports, manufacturing plants, electric plants or research facilities, you may be near an ...

Impulse - Model XT Disposable - Single Gas Detector

by Honeywell Analytics     based in Hegnau, SWITZERLAND

Simple operation, 2 year, no calibration single gas detector. MiniMax XT was inspired by customer needs and technically crafted to be quite simply the easiest and most cost effective to use personal single gas unit on the market. Utilising patented Surecell™ and Reflex™ technology, the MiniMax XT provides 24/7 user confidence. That ...

Impulse - Helicopter-Borne Frequency Domain Electromagnetic System

by Aeroquest Limited     based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Impulse is a digital helicopter-borne frequency domain electromagnetic system developed by Aeroquest and Geophex. This innovative wideband system utilizes a single computer-controlled, high-output transmitter driver to power individual horizontal coplanar and vertical coaxial transmitter coils, producing a total of 3 fixed or up to 8 programmable ...

Impulse connectors

by Zebra-Tech Ltd.     based in Nelson, NEW ZEALAND

Zebra-Tech is the exclusive New Zealand distributor for the Impulse range of electrical connectors. These connectors have been specifically designed for harsh and underwater environments, and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Model 5002-SEN-4 - Waterproof Impulse Connectors

by Aquatrak     based in Sanford, FLORIDA (USA)

Features top-mounted waterproof impulse connectors; combines 4110 microprocessor Controller and 3000 Transducer with firmware into a single package, with a 4 foot calibration tube.

Model 3003-XCR-4 - Transducer w/ Impulse

by Aquatrak     based in Sanford, FLORIDA (USA)

Features a top-mounted bulkhead waterproof connector, with a 4 foot calibration tube.

Turgo Impulse Turbines

by Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Limited     based in Kendal, UNITED KINGDOM

The Turgo Impulse design is one of three options in the Gilkes range. It has been developed to be a simple impulse type machine with a higher specific speed than a Pelton. The design therefore allows a larger jet of water to be directed at an angle onto the runner. Covering the boundary between a Pelton and Francis machine, the Turgo turbines ...

Francis Impulse Turbines

by Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Limited     based in Kendal, UNITED KINGDOM

The Francis Turbine is one of three options in the Gilkes range. Gilkes Francis Turbines are available as either horizontal or vertical units. The water enters the spiral, or scroll case, and is directed by a series of moveable guide vanes, or wicket gates, to the turbine runner. As the water passes through the runner it rotates and the water ...

Model AVP-20 - Impulse Heat Sealer

by Protective Packaging Corporation     based in Carrollton, TEXAS (USA)

The AVP series was designed for heavy-duty applications. The most evident feature of the AVP is its lack of visible controls. Form follows function providing an expansive clear work surface to hold product ready to be sealed. Side mounted heat and cool timers fitted to a powder coated steel chassis regulate seal parameters that are critical to ...

Impulse 200 Laser

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.     based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA)

One-hand, point-and-shoot operation allows you to take distance or height measurements up to 1,885´ (575 meters) in less than a second without reflective targets! Standard ranges for non-reflective targets are: 165´ (50m) to an overhead cable or wood stake; 330´ (100m) to a large pole or stockpile; 495´ (150m) to a tree or utility tower; and 820´ ...

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