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multi X - Model 2500 - AOX/TOX Analyzer

by Analytik Jena AG     based in Jena, GERMANY

In environmental monitoring as well as in process and quality control, the determination of organic halogens which can be adsorbed by activated charcoal is very important for the evaluation of water and waste water. With the multi X 2500, Analytik Jena provides a flexible, future-oriented system for sum parameter analysis that meets the ...

HORIBA - Model PG-350E - Portable Gas Analyzer

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     based in Leichlingen, GERMANY

Laboratory-precise five components gas analysis, anywhere according to DIN EN 15267 - 3, DIN EN 14181. Approved as Standard Reference Method (SRM) for: CO (DIN EN 15058). O2 (DIN EN 14789). NOx (DIN EN 14792).

novAA - Model 400 P - Compact Spectrometers for Flame & Graphite Furnace AAS

by Analytik Jena AG     based in Jena, GERMANY

novAA 400 P – the PC-controlled fully automated compact spectrometer for flame, graphite furnace and hydride/HydreA technology.

Advantage - Model 420 - Half-Mask Respirator

by MSA AUER GmbH     based in Berlin, GERMANY

With its UniBond over-mold facepiece, AnthroCurve face seal, and low profile design, the Advantage 420 Respirator is the superior option for respiratory protection. The over-mold facepiece and face seal ensure the unit provides an excellent fit and comfort to the wearer. The unique yoke and harness design (patent pending) allows a user to easily ...

Model 200 - Carrying Pouch

by MSA AUER GmbH     based in Berlin, GERMANY

This belt-mounted pouch holds MSA half-mask respirators and features zip closure for a tight, secure seal.

contrAA - Model 300 - High-Resolution Continuum Source Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS)

by Analytik Jena AG     based in Jena, GERMANY

contrAA 300 is the High-Resolution Continuum Source atomic absorption spectrometer for flame and hydride technique.

FlameGard - Model 5 MSIR - Advanced Multi-Spectrum Flame Detector

by MSA AUER GmbH     based in Berlin, GERMANY

MSA's FlameGard 5 MSIR Detector is an advanced multi-spectrum flame detector designed to provide superior false alarm immunity with the widest field of view. The detector employs a state-of-the-art multi-spectrum infrared (MSIR) sensor array with a sophisticated Neural Network Technology (NNT) system.

FlameGard - Model 5 UV/IR-E - Flame Detector

by MSA AUER GmbH     based in Berlin, GERMANY

The FlameGard 5 UV/IR E detects fires by monitoring in both the ultraviolet and infrared (UV & IR) spectral ranges making it highly immune to false alarms caused by lightning, arc welding, hot objects and other sources of radiation. The detector’s electronics are integral within an explosionproof housing, allowing detector information to ...

GALAXY - Model GX2 - Automated Test System

by MSA AUER GmbH     based in Berlin, GERMANY

Simplicity counts with the MSA GALAXY GX2 Automated Test System for advanced safety management and effortless operation. The GALAXY GX2 Automated Test System provides simple, intelligent testing and calibration of MSA ALTAIR and ALTAIR PRO Single-Gas Detectors and ALTAIR 4X and ALTAIR 5X Multigas Detectors. Easy-to-use automated test stand offers ...

ALTAIR QuickCheck - Station for Gas Detectors

by MSA AUER GmbH     based in Berlin, GERMANY

The ALTAIR QuickCheck Station uses several tests to make sure ALTAIR and ALTAIR Pro Detectors are fully ready for action. The station administers a bump test to make sure the detector responds to a specified concentration of gas. The station also uses a microphone and electronic check to ensure the detector's audible, visual and vibrating alarms ...

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